Letter to the Editor: Regarding Keeping Our Streets Clean

~ Submitted by Mario Mendes

There are many things to boast about living in Bedford, but very near the top of my list is how immaculately clean our town is. So, I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to all the town employees, contractors, and volunteers who work hard to make it so.

Unfortunately, twice in the past year, I have witnessed people, working to keep our streets clean, move dirt from the streets onto private property. Not residents. These were people either employed or contracted by the town who did this.

Last fall I watched a man push a large gas-powered leaf blower from the end of Ashby Place all the way to the corner of Ashby Road, blowing all the wet leaves accumulated on the ground by the curb onto the yard of a neighbor, turned around and did the same on the other side of the street as he went back down Ashby Place, blowing the leaves onto the yard of another neighbor.

Last Tuesday, two men with a variety of powered equipment loosen caked up dirt and salt accumulated at the corner over the winter and shovel most of it onto a trailer. But instead of sweeping up the rest, they picked up leaf blowers and lifted a huge cloud of dirt onto the yard of a neighbor. Not just a little bit of dirt. A large dark cloud made its way from the corner, over a driveway, onto and over a house, then to the yard and driveway of a second house where kids are usually found playing on the grass. But imagine what the rooms of that first house looked like had the windows been left open for fresh air.

In another Bedford forum someone wrote, quoted exactly, “what you did not see was both houses thanking us for keeping the area clean”. 

I sincerely hope this person does not work for the town. From his chosen words, we’re supposed to welcome dirt dumped onto out yards, it’s the price for clean streets.

Before anyone leaves a comment about how this can’t be or that your property has always been respected by these people, I assure you, I used to believe that too. Then I got it on video.

(To town administrators: there’s no need for apologies or jobs to be lost. It’ll suffice to do the needful so it doesn’t happen again.)

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