The Latest ‘Gossip’ from Dunster Road

~ Submitted by Meghan Stengel Gardner

Watercolor (c)

Y’all. So here’s the latest gossip from Dunster Road.

The Fish Crows are talking NONSTOP about the probable “fall out” today where warblers land en masse due to the coming shift in weather. The Fishies are not happy (and if Fishies ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy) because those warblers get all nosey and up in everyone else’s business.

But the wee ones also bring in the news from down south… and seeing as the Fishies don’t do the long haul each year, they look forward to the update (even if they don’t admit it).

The Pine Warblers are in a supersonic wrap battle with the Chipping Sparrows and the Titmice are the judges. We will see who has the fastest and loudest trill before the end of the day.

Word has it the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are coming to town. And they don’t take crap. So hang out those red feeders (no food coloring or honey – just sugar water, please) and invite your local One-Tenth-Ounce-Bouncer into your neighborhood. They are phenomenal at keeping the bigger birds’ egos in check.

The Carolina Wren was prattling on and none too happy about being outclassed by a Blue Headed Vireo passing through. Every time the Vireo tried to call, the Carolina Wren would get high up in the tree and talk right over it. Always the drama queen.

The biggest surprise of the morning was a short salutation from a Wood Duck in our tiny backyard wetland. These Fab Feathered Fashionistas are painfully shy for all their glam but keep your eyes and ears open to hear what these taciturn fowl have to say about all that really matters.

That’s your juicy tittle-tattle for today. Enjoy your beautiful bird bounty day!

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