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When I moved to town 28 years ago and started raising my young family here, what I knew about Bedford was limited to where I bought groceries and the street we lived on.  I really had no idea what was going on in town government, schools, and the local economy unless it directly affected me.  I have learned over the years that it is important to learn about all things Bedford.

It’s important to me to be an educated voter when I cast my vote.  I want to understand how my local government works, what decisions are being made, and how these decisions will affect me now and in the future. That’s why I subscribe to The Bedford Citizen. For free!

Subscribing to The Citizen puts the information I need into my inbox each week.  Staying up to date on the issues facing Bedford allows me to be an informed and engaged citizen of the community, a better parent, and a better neighbor.

You too can play a vital role in supporting The Citizen’s brand of trusted, local journalism. By subscribing to The Bedford Citizen, you make our community stronger.  Now more than ever, ensuring there is a place for civil discourse, where we can share ideas and opinions is vital.

The Citizen’s mission is to engage the Bedford community through reporting news of local significance, promoting local events, fostering connectivity, and encouraging participation.  We provide the color of Bedford. And we cover things you might not notice otherwise, but which may be important for your daily life.

Choose whether you want to receive a daily or weekly dose of The Citizen when you sign up.

Support local journalism, Subscribe Today!

~ Christine Speciale is The Bedford Citizen’s Operations Manager,

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