Spotlight: Bedford Arbor Resources Committee

A North Road crosswalk ~ Image (c) Patty Carluccio 2021 all rights reserved

~ Submitted by Bedford’s Volunteer Coordinating Committee

Do you want to have a say in helping to enhance, protect, and preserve Bedford’s trees? The Bedford Arbor Resources Committee (BARC) currently has an opening for a new volunteer member.

The Arbor Resources Committee is a Town Board comprised of seven (7) full members appointed by the Select Board for two (2) year terms.  BARC advocates for trees and works to minimize the impact of town development projects on arbor resources. BARC typically meets once a month.  BARC currently has an opening for a new member, and we encourage any interested Bedford registered voters to apply.  Your help and involvement are appreciated on this very worthwhile committee.

BARC’s primary responsibility is to advise the Select Board and other Town organizations on current best practices for managing trees and the ecological resources that support them. The group is also driving initiatives to:

  • Revise the Town Tree Policy to value larger, mature trees and require appropriate remediation for their loss
  • Develop a Trees Master Plan, similar to other Master Plans such as for pedestrians and transportation. This will bring tree considerations into Town projects much earlier in the design process and provide strategies for reducing and reversing the loss of public trees
  • Build public awareness of tree issues and the important role and value of trees
  • Collaborate with other organizations to advance common interests that will benefit the community

Other committee activities include:

  • Work closely with the DPW on current town projects to enhance the environmental and aesthetic aspects of the project
  • Review plans and provide input for the planting of trees in public spaces
  • Review trees at risk on town land
  • Keep current on tree-related issues and trends
  • Manage a program that offers a limited number of free trees to town residents

The Arbor Resources Committee is a wonderful opportunity for citizens who care about trees and the environment, are curious, thoughtful, and enjoy enhancing and greening our public spaces.  BARC members do not have to come from any specific discipline or have a particular expertise.  The only requirement is willingness and ability to devote time and effort to the work.  BARC members can help to preserve and enhance the beauty of Bedford’s green spaces for years to come.

BARC has also started the Bedford Friends of Trees Google group which can be found at  We encourage residents to check it out.

For more information on this board, please visit  For more information on Bedford’s volunteer process, including links to VCC contact information and the volunteer application, please visit

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