Letter to the Editor: Bedford Residents Are Fortunate


~ Submitted by Judy Liss

I am concerned about the volume around the debates about the extension of the Minuteman bike path and the location of the new fire station.

I do understand that Bedford residents all want the same thing: for Bedford to be the best town it possibly can be.  But while there may be some good-faith disagreement over exactly what that looks like in practice, we have to keep in mind how fortunate we are.

We live in a town with good schools, access to excellent medical care, ample opportunity for recreation (including other paved and unpaved trails), and so forth.

While residents of other parts of the country are fighting for clean water, decent schools, and an end to local gun violence, we need to keep the urgency of our issues in perspective and realize how blessed we, as a community, are.

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3 months ago

I agree and this is why I hate this argument that if we don’t pave the branch trail we will lose the state’s funding of this project. I imagine there are more worthy causes for state funding elsewhere.

Suzanne K
3 months ago

I agree Judy, we have a lot to be grateful for!

Ken Larson
3 months ago

Thank you. Your point applies to so many discussions. What’s right or good often gets lost in a fight to win the argument.

Mary Criscione
3 months ago

Love this letter. Totally agree.


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