About Us

Founded by Meredith McCulloch, Kim Siebert MacPhail, and Julie McCay Turner in June 2012, The Bedford Citizen was established to fulfill the following mission:

The Bedford Citizen informs and engages the Bedford community through reporting news of local significance, promoting local events, fostering connectivity, and encouraging participation.
                                                          ~ Approved,  January 2020

The Bedford Citizen’s Board of Directors – June, 2020

Teri Morrow, President and Publisher
Jerry Wolf, Treasurer
Mitch Evans, Clerk
Dot Bergin **
Joan Bowen
Laura Bullock
Bob Dorer
Gene Kalb
Michael McAllister
Meredith McCulloch *
Doug Muder
Ginny Packer
Sarita Pillai
Lalitha Ranganath
Ginni Spencer
Julie McCay Turner *

  *  Founder    ** Trustee Emerita

The Bedford Citizen Staff

Julie McCay Turner, Managing Editor ~ editor@thebedfordcitizen.org
Mike Rosenberg, Community Reporter ~ mike@thebedfordcitizen.org
Elizabeth Hacala, Operations Manager ~ tbcoffice@thebedfordcitizen.org
Elizabeth Nemirovsky, Calendar Coordinator ~ events@thebedfordcitizen.org

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