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Founded by Meredith McCulloch, Kim Siebert MacPhail and Julie McCay Turner in June 2012, The Bedford Citizen was established to fulfill the following mission:

The Bedford Citizen is organized for and will be operated exclusively for educating the public about the local issues and events that affect the understanding and engagement of Bedford, Massachusetts residents and others interested in small-town democracy. It will be a center for information about local groups that enhance the cultural and social fabric of the community. The Bedford Citizen will be a virtual civil meeting place for matters of importance to those who live or work in Bedford, Massachusetts.

The Bedford Citizen’s Board of Directors – June, 2020

Teri Morrow, President and Publisher
Jerry Wolf, Treasurer
Mitch Evans, Clerk
Dot Bergin **
Joan Bowen
Laura Bullock
Bob Dorer
Gene Kalb
Michael McAllister
Meredith McCulloch *
Doug Muder
Ginny Packer
Sarita Pillai
Lalitha Ranganath
Ginni Spencer
Julie McCay Turner *

  *  Founder    ** Trustee Emerita

The Bedford Citizen Staff

Julie McCay Turner, Managing Editor ~ editor@thebedfordcitizen.org
Mike Rosenberg, Community Reporter ~ mike@thebedfordcitizen.org
Elizabeth Hacala, Operations Manager ~ tbcoffice@thebedfordcitizen.org
Elizabeth Nemirovsky, Calendar Coordinator ~ events@thebedfordcitizen.org

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