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The Bedford Citizen was founded by Meredith McCulloch, Kim Siebert MacPhail, and Julie McCay Turner in June 2012.

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The Bedford Citizen informs and engages the Bedford community through reporting news of local significance, promoting local events, fostering connectivity, and encouraging participation.

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Judy Liss
Judy Liss
11 months ago

A Clarification of Death Rates by Age from Covid

As someone who has worked as a statistician in the past, it is easy to understand how confusing reported statistics can be. While Roy Mallory is correct that about 25% of the persons who dies from Covid were under 65, Dr. Kiessling was talking about the death rate, not the percent of each cohort. The picture looks far different if you take the number of deaths as a percentage of the population of that cohort. As The New York Times reported on December 13, 2021, of the 800,000 persons who passed away, about 600,000 persons 65 and over in the US died of Covid, representing about 1 out of every 100 (or 1.00 percent) of the population of that age group. The 200,000 persons who were under 65 represented about 1 out of every 1,400 or 0.07% of the population in those age groups.

I believe that this is the point that Dr. Kiessling was trying to make. And as expected, the death rates for those under 65 would be highest in the 55-64 age cohort and go down from there.