Kristallnacht Remembrance

Bedford Town Common Great Road in Bedford, Outside First Parish Church, Bedford, MA

KRISTALLNACHT IS THE NIGHT IN 1938 IN GERMANY, WHEN NAZIS BROKE JEWISH SHOP WINDOWS, DESECRATED TEMPLES, AND BRUTALIZED AND KILLED JEWISH CITIZENS. IT WAS A TURNING POINT IN THE THIRD REICH, MARKING THE SHIFT FROM ANTISEMITIC RHETORIC AND LEGISLATION TO VIOLENT, AGGRESSIVE ANTI-JEWISH MEASURES THAT WOULD CULMINATE IN THE HOLOCAUST. Each year to commemorate Kristallnacht—“the night of broken glass”—the Bedford Interfaith Clergy, Bedford Jewish Community, Bedford citizens, and neighbors from nearby towns would gather on the Town Common to light candles, toll the bell, and be together in community and solidarity. We gather to mourn, to remember, and to strengthen