Bedford Public School Concerts in December ~ Welcoming Family, Friends, and the Community-at-Large

Submitted by POMS – Patrons of Music Students

The fall concert season at the Bedford Public Schools is in full swing! The Performing Arts Departments at Lane, JGMS, and BHS have been working hard all year, and the student musicians are ready to show off their skills to family, friends, and community members.

The BHS orchestra and concert band will perform at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, December 11, including selections from Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” with a special guest narrator. Prokofiev’s symphonic fairy tale tells the story of a young boy, a sinister wolf, an ill-fated duck, and a cast of other human and animal creatures, as portrayed by individual instruments within the orchestra. The orchestra will also perform the first movement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 25, and the band will perform Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride,” always a holiday favorite. Mr. Jim Felker and Ms. Brianna Creamer lead the band and orchestra, respectively.

Adaptive Re-Use: JGMS’s HONK Scenery Hit the Road to Support Recent Performances at Littleton Middle School

Submitted by POMS – Patrons of Music Students

The Littleton Middle School gratefully borrowed the set from last year’s spring musical, HONK! JR. Littleton students performed Honk last weekend, November 30 and December 1.

Assisting in the scenery exchange? Fellow JGMS crew member Parker Anderson-LaPorte, parents Peter Ricci and Rob Metcalf, and the JGMS scenery crew. Bedford’s artistic and technical expertise have gone viral!

2018 LUMINARY SALE to benefit the Bedford Minuteman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Submitted on behalf of the Bedford Minuteman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Light up your home for the holidays and maybe you can encourage your neighbors to join in too. Imagine how welcoming and lovely your homes will look with luminaries lighting the way to your door.

The Bedford Minuteman Company is your “go to” group for this beautiful holiday addition to your home or neighborhood. You can purchase a kit for $15.00 at the following location, Chip-In-Farm, Hartwell Rd, Bedford, MA or from any Bedford Minuteman Company member. The kit consists of 12 candles, 12 bags and 10# of sand.

BHS Drama Club presents ‘The Tempest’ ~ Performances at 7 pm on Friday & Saturday, with a Matinee at 2 pm on Saturday

Submitted on behalf of the BHS Drama Club

Experience Shakespeare in Bedford this weekend!

The Tempest, Shakespeare’s last play, is a tale of revenge, magic, and forgiveness. Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, has been overthrown by his brother and sent out to sea with his young daughter. They are believed to be dead, but they are alive on an island and Prospero uses magic to rule over the inhabitants of the island. When Prospero’s brother, The King of Naples, and their men are sailing by his island, Prospero causes a shipwreck with the help of his spirit servant Ariel and sets out to gain revenge on these men for attempting to murder him twelve years earlier. Because it is Shakespeare’s last play, many believe that Prospero’s character was meant to represent Shakespeare, as the whole play alludes to the theatre and theatrical elements quite often.

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