The Bedford Citizen is Bedford VA’s 2019 Community Spirit Award Recipient

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

The Bedford Citizen was unanimously voted to receive this year’s Bedford VA Community Service Award, “In recognition of your substantial support to Bedford VA.” The award was presented at the 2019 Award Banquet.

“The Bedford VA is profoundly grateful for your help in getting out the word to Veterans and our Bedford neighbors about all that is going on at 200 Springs Road,” said Director of Volunteer Services Laurel Holland, “and we recognize how much more connected we all are through the efforts of The Bedford Citizen.

There is No Shame

By Lee Vorderer Former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court John Broderick and Congressman Seth Moulton had a lot to say about mental health on Monday at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital (the Bedford VA).  Chief Justice Broderick...

Getting to Know Bedford’s Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veteran’s Hospital: The Bedford VA’s Veteran Business Owners Initiative

By Lee Vorderer

“You will be a change agent.”

Jerry Pinsky, LISCW and founder and director of the Bedford VA’s Self Employment Program, The Veteran Business Owner Initiative (VBOI), says that he heard this phrase at his graduation from Simmons, and it has guided his work at the VA since. His background: after his military service he joined the computer field, and he realized that he was not doing what he wanted to do. Getting his Social Work degree enabled him to identify his dream – to help others. The Bedford VA is known throughout the VA system as a location for trying new approaches, and a Fellowship at the Bedford VA created a perfect opportunity. After graduation and with the support from Dr. Charles Drebing, Pinsky became an agent of change by creating the Veteran Business Owner Initiative, a self-employment program that welcomes Veterans regardless of their other challenges.

Getting to Know Bedford’s Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veteran’s Hospital: We Have Your Back ~ Ongoing Support and Coffee Socials

By Lee Vorderer

For many people, the phrase “we have your back” means a kind of general statement of support. At the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans’ Hospital (the Bedford VA), it means something quite
different: if you are a Veteran who is experiencing some kind of mental health problem, the Bedford VA is here to help you; to provide support, treatment, and connections; to offer whatever you need in order to get better.

Getting to Know Bedford’s Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veteran’s Hospital: The Behavioral Addictions Clinic

By Lee Vorderer

The Director of the Bedford VA, Dr. Joan Clifford, defines the aim of the Medical Center as serving the whole person who comes to the VA for services. This means looking at the whole health picture, offering a wide range of traditional and non-traditional physical and mental health care therapies as needed, and doing it with the Veteran as part of the team. (Click this link to read about upcoming Introduction to Whole Health events.) It means providing comprehensive outpatient services, extensive mental health services, and wide-ranging and cutting-edge geriatric and extended care services. Research plays a vital role in the VA’s activities, too, and we’ll examine some of that work throughout the series.

Editor’s Note: The second in The Bedford Citizen’s series of articles about Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital (the Bedford VA). (Click this link to read the first story in the series) focuses on one of the ways the hospital’s mission becomes a reality for those who have gone to war.

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