2019 Household Hazardous Products Collection ~ Information and Schedule

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Pre-registration is not required and the event is free of charge to Bedford residents. However, when you attend the event, you must show an ID or utility bill displaying your Bedford address.

The cost to the Town is over $50 per participant, whether you have 1 gallon or 10 gallons. Please be efficient and consolidate/combine with your neighbors to keep costs down and to keep this program in place for future years.

Recreation Commission Addresses Kid’s Club Safety and Springs Brook Park

By Jordan Stewart

Kids’ Club Safety safety and guest capacity at Springs Brook Park were primary items at the Recreation Commission Meeting on March 20.

For years, parents have called for increased safety at the Kids’ Club. The program is utilized by many as a resource for after-school care, and so many have hoped to see its security at a level similar to that of the schools.

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