Inviting Your Haiku Contributions in Celebration of the Minuteman Bikeway’s 25th Birthday

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

The Minuteman Commuter Bikeway is turning 25 this year, and there’s a haiku contest administered by Arlington Public Art. Among the public art installed on the Bikeway for the birthday celebration, a series of haiku will be stenciled on the path for walkers, joggers, and cyclists to enjoy.

The Citizen hopes that Bedford writers will submit a lot of entries! It’s a simple format: Three lines, with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third.

Banff National Park and Canadian Rockies ~ The 29th Annual Taylor Group Hike

Submitted by Debbie Caban on behalf of the 2018 Taylor Hikers

“Beep, beep, beep!” It is the 4:30 a.m. alarm and the Taylor Group hikers are off to the races once again. Coffee brewed, sandwiches packed, hiking poles grabbed, and breakfast snacks eaten in the car as they drive to secure a highly coveted parking space at Banff’s National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Some may think this is an unusual start to a vacation day but after 29 years of hiking together, the members of this club do almost anything to enjoy another trek with each other.

This summer’s journey was the third international trip for the predominantly Bedford troupe. The lucky number of 13 hikers, nine from Bedford and four others, travelled to Canada’s original national park. They celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2014 with a trip to the Austrian Alps and two years ago they hiked in the Dolomites, also known as the Italian Alps.

Online Voters’ Guide for September 4 Primary Election

Submitted by the Bedford League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts (LWVMA) has published an online Voters’ Guide,, with information about all candidates in state primary races, voting information and tools, and information about statewide ballot questions.

You will be able to access ballot information relevant to the Bedford ballot simply by entering your street address at the LWVMA online guide. Voters will also find in-depth information about candidates’ backgrounds, stances, and endorsements; answers from candidates to questions posed by LWVMA; voting requirements and poll locations; and a “Make a Plan to Vote” tool.

Superior Court Rules in Favor of First Parish in Bedford’s Solar Panel Project

Submitted by First Parish in Bedford, Unitarian Universalist

The First Parish in Bedford, Unitarian Universalist’s goal of running on renewable energy came a lot closer to reality this week. A Massachusetts Superior Court judge ordered the Town of Bedford’s Historic District Commission (HDC) to grant the church permission to install solar panels on the sanctuary roof. Concluding that the HDC’s denial of the solar panel project was “arbitrary and exceeds its authority”, and by reversing that denial, the Court paved the way for First Parish to proceed with its plans to reduce the building’s carbon footprint in order to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

Rick Reed: A ‘Bedford Common’ Interview

By Dot Bergin Did you know that Rick Reed has been in the business of municipal government for nearly 42 years?  His 30-year run here in Bedford is amazing in itself (the average stay for a town manager is 5 to 7 years) but prior to coming to Bedford, Rick had nearly...

Rick Reed and the Middlesex 3 Coalition

By Stephanie Cronin, Executive Director of the Middlesex 3 Coalition

I remember the first time I met Richard Reed. It was about 10 years ago and the town officials from around the area were meeting to create a regional economic development organization, which would later be called the Middlesex 3 Coalition.

We were discussing the value of creating this public-private partnership and I asked Rick a question. I don’t remember what it was and it really doesn’t matter. What I remember was this long pause…. I thought to myself, “Did he hear me?” ”Should I repeat myself?” “Is he just ignoring me?” Before I started to repeat my question, Rick provided a very detailed response, including the pros and cons, potential outcomes, long and short-term implications, etc.

Summer Walkabout in Bedford Center ~ A Photo Story

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen Hundreds of families gathered along the Jenks Trail and in the fields behind Town Center for the Third Annual Bedford Walkabout and a performance by the Party Band, the first event in the Summer Concert series. There were also...

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