The Library’s Great Squirrel Caper

On a recent Monday morning, staff members were surprised to find a furry visitor in the Children’s room.

How the squirrel got in is somewhat of a mystery but it may have snuck in while the Facilities Department was working on the building.

Bedford Explained: The Two Brothers Rocks

Two big boulders stand a few feet apart on the shore of the Concord River in Bedford, MA. A glacier dropped them eons ago. By 11,000 years ago, when Indigenous People had come to inhabit the area, the impressive pair surely was used as a landmark.

Bedford-Themed Bingo Night to Benefit the Bedford Education Association on Saturday, May 1

Please join us for a fun night of Virtual Bingo and other surprises to benefit the Bedford Education Foundation!  Wear your Bedford colors, gear, and Zoom with friends for a super fun night for a great cause. There will be prizes and other festivities between rounds, you will not want to miss it! Registration is via the Donation page on the BEF’s website at Please include your name and how many cards you would like to play in the comment section. If others in your family want to play separately, they will need their own registration and card(s).

Would You take Less Salary to Work from Home?

Apparently people really like working from home.  A recent poll says 73% of people surveyed say they would like the ability to continue to work from home after the pandemic.  It makes sense: less time commuting, less expense commuting, less childcare, etc.

Pole Capping is Casualty of Covid for a Second Year; Citizenship Award Honors Ryan Doucette 

The weather forecast predicts an exquisite Saturday morning at Willson Park in Bedford – bright sunshine and temperature in the mid-60s. It’s an ideal day to climb and cap the liberty pole and salute the sacrifices and values of colonial Bedford as we approach the anniversary of the battles of Concord and Lexington.

Except we can’t.

For the second consecutive year, the second Saturday in April is just another Saturday, as the Bedford Minuteman Company decided that protocols and policies in response to the Covid-19 pandemic preclude safe outdoor gatherings.

Bedford Arts and Crafts Society ~ Reaching out to the Bedford Community

For years now, Bedford Arts and Crafts Society (BACS) crafters have gathered weekly to try their hand at a wide variety of projects and activities. During the pandemic, their sessions have increasingly focused on community-helping-community objectives. These include providing knitted goods through the Bedford Food Bank and handcrafted greeting cards for many town individuals and groups.

From the Garden with Laura Bullock ~ April: Spring Clean-up and Hellebores

About ‘From the Garden with Laura Bullock’

I have been an avid gardener for over 20 years and my knowledge comes from how I learn best, which is getting my hands in the dirt and working with the successes and failures that are part of that journey. I read every article, magazine, and book I can get my hands on

Play Ball – How Do You Feel About Watching Sports in Person?

Opening day at Fenway was Thursday Friday, April 2 with fans in attendance.  Fenway’s capacity is capped at 12 percent, or a little more than 4,500 people. More than 30,000 seats in the ballpark have been zipped, tied shut to keep people out of them and away from each other.

17th Annual Peeps Diorama Contest Winners

Young adult librarian Pam Aghababian said, “Many, many thanks to the folks who created such fantastic dioramas this year! We are once again blown away by the creativity and care that goes into making these dioramas.”

Candlelight Vigils for Rhonda Pattelena

Angela Patch, Melissa Maria, and Ashley Caiazzo have organized a candlelight vigil in memory of Rhonda Pattelena, the Bedford woman who was murdered on Short Sands, Beach in York, Maine.

The vigil will be held this Friday, April 2  at 7:15 p.m. It will be live-streamed so that it can be viewed during a local vigil on Bedford Common, and by those at home.

Principals at all Four Schools Confident of Smooth Return on April 26

The principals of John Glenn Middle School and Bedford High School reported to the School Committee Tuesday on details of the planned return to five-day in-person learning beginning Monday, April 26.

Kevin Tracey and Heather Galante said they are well prepared with physical arrangements and attention to students’ educational and emotional needs. They lauded the contributions of faculty and staff, as well as families.

All students will be either in school or fully remote; the hybrid model will be dissolved. Also, as required by the state education commissioner, students will be learning all five days; Wednesdays will be three-quarter school days.

“Our biggest pillar for returning is to feel emotionally and physically safe,” Tracey said. “The emphasis will be on students’ reconnecting, on relationship-building. All staff is focused on student well-being.” He noted that there is a wide variety of feelings among students, including some who, parents report, are “quite nervous.” Teachers and staff, he said, will “reach out to relieve anxiety.”

What Do They Do There Anyway? Drinkworks

Do you ever drive around town and see a sign for a business or something else and ask
yourself, “I wonder what they do there?” Some businesses are pretty obvious, Sunoco
Gas, CVS – got it. Cambridge Savings Bank, got it. But what about some of the others?
Our mission is to answer the question – What do they do there anyway?

Recycling Know No’s ~ Minnie Mouse doesn’t compost.

Minnie Mouse doesn’t compost. The same goes for barbell weights, plastic bags, cups and utensils, snack wrappers, and broken hockey sticks. Concrete blocks don’t break down in a compost pile either.

Minnie & Co. are a sample of items pulled from the Town’s compost pile last week.