Passover 5779: In Every Generation

By Dan Brosgol

I remember when the trailers for The Prince of Egypt came out in 1998 and the tagline said it was “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” This, of course, built on the longstanding annual showing of “The Ten Commandments” on ABC around Easter, which told the same story, albeit without CGI, with a cast of thousands, and certainly with a whole lot of artistic license and questionable Anglicization of Biblical Hebrew names.

Both of those now-legendary movies tell an adapted version of the Passover story, one which Jews around the world will tell all over again this Friday and Saturday night when the holiday begins. It’s a tale that many of us know well, one of plagues, miracles, destruction, redemption, and eventually revelation, one that has spawned music, poetry, art, and commentary for over 2500 years…and also my favorite piece at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, “The Seventh Plague of Egypt” by John Martin.

Looking Back to April 15, 1775 ~ The Human Cost to the Town of Bedford

By Michael Rosenberg, Chair of the Bedford Selectmen, and delivered by Selectman William Moonan during Bedford’s 2019 Pole Capping ceremony

The National Park Service is already making plans to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolution – the actual word is sestercentennial. That’s only six years from this month. And, as was the case in 1975, the two-year celebration — for the entire country — will start with liberty pole-capping at Willson Park. Sestercentennial begins here.

But before we start making party plans, let’s take a few minutes to consider the human cost to this town in 1775 and for years beyond.

BEDFORD EXPLAINED: Before our Flag Was the Bedford Flag

By Town Historian Sharon McDonald

Each April, during the Pole Capping and Patriot’s Day parades, you will see the bright crimson Bedford Flag flown.  Even out of season, you will see its image sewn on the uniforms of the women and men of Bedford Police and Fire Departments… hanging in the entry hall of each of the schools… being brought forward at the beginning of Town Meeting… and worn (maybe by you?) as a t-shirt. We’re proud of it. It’s the emblem of Bedford.

Dispatches from Ireland ~ For Dogs’ Sake

By Andrea Cleghorn

No matter the intention, every trip has a theme, either at the get-go or as it evolves.

My most recent trip to Ireland was no exception.

A couple of years ago I wrote about my first St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, actually my first-ever trip there, many years ago. My companion and I ended up at the annual dog show in Dublin, where there were few American tourists and a sea of red setters. Dogless for a couple of months when I left for Ireland this past summer, the house in Bedford had been quiet since losing my 14-year-old buddy. Life was easier in some ways, but not better. I was off to Ireland with two items on my agenda: interview people for “Dispatches From Ireland,” my new show on Bedford TV, and to think about filling the canine vacuum.

Spring is on its Way ~ Digging in the Dirt ~ March, 2019

By Stacy Kershaw

The days are longer, the sun is warmer, and the birds are slowly returning. It’s a sure sign that Spring is on its way…even if we are still dealing with gray, damp weather and loads of mud. So take advantage of those warm, sunny days and go see all that is sprouting in your yard. You can start by removing winter mulch from your garden beds and looking for new sprouts of growth.

A Creative Second Act ~ Bedford Artists Shine in ‘MJ2’ at Concord Art

By Martin Renzhofer

Artistic journeys are often time-consuming, sometimes frustrating and with many of the dividends purely spiritual.

Dedicated artists rarely reap financial rewards.

So, for much of their lives, Doris Smith and Anita Feld, two of a handful of Bedford artists whose works are on display at the Concord Center for the Visual Arts’ latest exhibition, “Membered Juries 2,” had to set aside artistic aspirations for making a living.

Democracy Wins, Again: Quotes from Election Night in Bedford

By James Brosgol

On Saturday, March 9, 1,521 Bedford voters went to the polls for the 2019 Town Election. After accompanying my family to the polls earlier in the day, I returned by myself a few minutes before the doors were locked at 6 pm in order to see the results as quickly as possible. When I arrived, there was a nervous energy in the hall as people chatted while waiting for the results to be posted. This year was certainly more interesting than most, with three candidates running in a contested election for two seats as Selectmen.

New Town Manager Sarah Stanton Visits Carleton-Willard Village

By Helen Chipman and Meredith McCulloch

Sarah Stanton, Bedford’s new Town Manager, was warmly greeted at Carleton Willard Village where the Civics Issues group hosted her on February 5. She talked about her new job and answered questions from a large gathering of residents. Stanton came to Bedford in October 2018. Previously she served as the Budget Director for the City of Cambridge, MA. She has a Masters in Public Administration. She noted that she was used to the sometimes loud and chaotic atmosphere in Cambridge but has had to adjust to the quiet in Bedford.

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