Missing Dirt Found

What some called the crime of the year, the missing dirt from this year’s public works projects has been located at the corner of Glen Terrace and Norma Road. 

Runners in the 25th Danny Oates 5k

Bedford photographer Bob Bass has taken part in the Danny Oates 5k for many years but was sidelined for the 25th and final running of the race. That didn’t stop him from being there with his camera, and he has shared his images with The Bedford Citizen.

Vettes to Vets ~ Sunday, September 29 at the Bedford VA

Each fall, during the “Vettes to Vets Day” fundraiser, an award is given to the owner of a particularly memorable Corvette. It’s called the Veteran’s Choice Award. Another will be awarded as the 16th annual salute and fundraiser to U.S. veterans takes place Sunday, Sept. 29 at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital in Bedford.

Digging in the Dirt with Stacy Kershaw ~ September 2019 ~Forget the Fall Cleanup!

The mornings are chillier, the days are shorter…fall is on its way. It was the perfect summer for garden lovers— lots of bright sun and healthy doses of rain. While I’m sad to see it end, I’m excited for vibrant fall color. There is of course, the obligatory end of the season cleanup in the garden….or is there? Consider this: Pollinators and birds thrive with adequate winter cover like leaf litter and dead plant material.

Bedford Snapshots: Keeping an Eye on Bedford

Bedford Snapshots is one of the good things about Facebook. It’s a compendium of images captured by Citizen of the Year Jeff Hoyland as he makes his way around town.

Did you think that it’s been a slow summer? Not so much for Jeff!

Growing Pains

By Brooke Shamon
Voices @ Bedford High School

Writing has always come naturally to me. The desire to write, the inspiration to produce, and the motivation to create have kept me going all these years. Typically, when I get an article assignment, I can sit down and immediately begin my “vomit draft.” Gross, I know, but that’s the word my summer professor drilled into my head for our “craft” as she calls it.

However, when I pitched this idea and stuck with it (Preparing for College, Preparing for the Big Move, Going Going, Gone), I found myself at a loss for words. No perfect way to describe how this feels, no cute analogy or connection to a famous scene in a TV show or movie. I guess maybe it’s because I’m having a hard time understanding my own feelings.

The Case For Working a Summer Job

By Ryan Doucette
Voices @ Bedford High School

Summer: the long-awaited break that every child dreams of. The mysticism of the season ignites anticipation in any youngling who hears the word mentioned. Pool parties, camp, free time, and most of all, sleep, make this break from school so cherished.