Capital Expenditures Presents Recommendations for FY 2018

By Lizzie Seibert

To close out January, the Finance Committee heard a budget proposal from Antonio Battaglia, the chair of the Capital Expenditures Committee. Battaglia explained that the Capital committee approved 44 projects for Fiscal Year 2018 and delayed or removed four others, and the 44 approved projects would ultimately cost $7.9 million.

Finance Committee Meets with Library and Board of Assessors to Review FY18 Budgets

By Lizzie Seibert

At its meeting on January 19, the Finance Committee heard budget proposals for Fiscal Year 2018 from the Bedford Free Public Library and the Board of Assessors.

The Finance Committee began its meeting by remembering Richard Bowen, who passed away last Tuesday. Bowen served on the committee for six years, and on other town committees for another fifteen years. Members reflected on Bowen’s significant contributions to the committee, where, as Elizabeth McClung noted, Bowen was “a great presence. I really looked up to him.”

Town Boards Weigh Means to Finance Lane School Expansion

By Meredith McCulloch The Finance Committee appears to be in agreement that an addition to Lane School is necessary, but there is not yet a consensus on how to pay for it. Jon Sills, School Superintendent, presented the preliminary plans to the Finance Committee at...

Expanded Local Transit Pilot: Budget Reviewed

  By Meredith McCulloch There was standing room only at the Finance Committee meeting on February 4 when the budget for a pilot project expanding local transit service was reviewed. Town Manager Richard Reed described the project as a way to test the need for...

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