Ask Aunt Laura – Opening a Produce Bag

We have all done it. At the grocers you grab some veggies and a plastic bag to put them in. Then you moisten your fingertips with your tongue so you can easily separate and open the top of the bag.

Ask Aunt Laura – Battery Test

How often has this happened to you?  You are searching for something in the kitchen junk drawer and come across a stray battery.  Did it fall out of the battery package or is it a used one that was accidentally left there?  My dad taught me this simple drop test that helps answer this age old question…

Ask Aunt Laura – Skunk Season

Spring brings longer days, daffodils blooming, you hear the birds singing… and it also brings out the skunks. If you’ve ever had a pet skunked, it’s an experience you will never forget! This three-ingredient solution will banish that smell and have your pup fresh and clean in no time!

Ask Aunt Laura — Dryer Sheets vs. Dryer Balls

I’ve made the switch from using dryer sheets to wool dryer balls – saves time, money and using essential oils can add a wonderful fragrance to your clothes and sheets without the use of chemicals found in dryer sheets

Ask Aunt Laura – Where’s The Bacon?

Who doesn’t love bacon? And who doesn’t hate opening the package and finding the slices are mainly comprised of fat? There is a fun little ‘secret’ called the Bacon Window and it will take the guess work out of buying bacon forever more.

Ask Aunt Laura ~ De-Icing your Windshield

You’re late for an appointment and rush out the door only to find your windshield is frozen over. You don’t have time to run the defroster for 10 minutes and you can’t find the scraper.

Bedford’s Own – Ask Aunt Laura Series

Introducing “Ask Aunt Laura.” Laura Bullock is that ‘wicked smaht’ aunt we all wish we had.  The aunt who knows those tricks and tips and nuggets of information that are useful no matter what your age.