Letter to the Editor, September 18, 2018: Solar Panels ~ History in the Making

Submitted by Sue Swanson on behalf of Bedford Mothers Out Front

Mothers Out Front is a group of people actively committed to the goal of a swift, complete and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy sources in order to protect our environment for future generations. Our membership includes women from a spectrum of backgrounds and beliefs. Our Bedford team has worked on projects to identify methane gas leaks throughout town as well as other initiatives designed to reduce Bedford’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Letter to the Editor, August 28, 2018: As Temperatures Soar, ‘Shave the Peak’ Between 3 and 7 pm

By Renu Bostwick
Bedford Mothers Out Front

Editor’s Note: Mass Energy suggests that today, August 28, might be the biggest peak we’ve seen in New England since 2013. Please help Bedford to do its part to keep the town’s electricity demand low on hot afternoons.

Are you also concerned about the number of increasing days we’re getting with temperatures over 90 degrees? You can help to reduce the carbon emissions that are leading to extreme weather, especially on peak electricity use days! On high use days, electricity is generated by the dirtiest fuels.

Your local Bedford Mothers Out Front team is pleased to share with you the Shave the Peak program by Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, where they alert all of us to peak electricity use days and we take action to reduce our use at those specific times. Please see their message below for more information and ideas.

A Letter to the Editor, August 20, 2018: Supporting Quentin Palfrey, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor in the September 4 Democratic Primary

By John Mitchell

I’m writing to express my support for my friend, Quentin Palfrey, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor, in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, September 4th.

Quentin and I have known each other since we lived in the same dormitory during our freshman year at Harvard. In classes together, I recognized him as a sharp thinker. Socially, I got to know him as a caring person. He is one of the most decent and honorable people I know; the kind of person we need more of in government.

Letter to the Editor, July 19, 2018: Selectmen Stress the Importance of Town Meeting on July 30

By Caroline Fedele, Margot Fleischman, Bill Moonan, Ed Pierce and Mike Rosenberg
Bedford Selectmen

A couple of large hangars and related buildings have been part of the landscape on the Bedford side of the Hanscom Field runway for about half a century. But rapidly-moving state and federal decisions over the past few weeks have suddenly exposed that 16-acre site to industrial development – with the potential to compromise the quality of life in Bedford residential neighborhoods for generations.

Letter to the Editor, June 22, 2018: Can the Massachusetts House of Representatives Help Us Combat Climate Change?

Submitted by Renu Kurian Bostwick
Mothers out Front of Bedford

I am hopeful about our children’s future and about our ability to collectively take action against the worst effects of global warming. We are on the brink of change. As a mother of two teenage daughters, when I allow myself to think about what the climate crisis has in store for our children’s future well-being I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of what’s ahead. Working with Mothers Out Front, a grassroots organization of mothers and other caregivers, I have seen the hard legislative struggle to put just laws and policies into place that will help us swiftly combat climate change and still protect consumers. In the past, many hopeful bills have not made it through both the Massachusetts Senate and the House of Representatives.

Letter to the Editor, June 13, 2018: Residents Opposed to Locating the Dog Park at Springs Brook Park

Submitted by Kathy Morse and Jeff Morse, Bob and Terri Bradford, Rebecca and Thom Neale

Dear Bedford Selectmen,

We are 161 Bedford residents and growing who are opposed to putting a dog park at Springs Brook Park. We are users of Springs Brook Park; parents and grandparents of young children; dog owners; and non-dog owners; seniors; and residents who worry about further reducing the natural and rural spaces that reflect Bedford’s history.

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to the Bedford Selectmen on May 26, 2018

Letter to the Editor, June 8, 2019: New Development Complex and the Fox Run Road Community

By AnnaLisa Madison

Recently, I listened to a visitor from New York criticize the residents of Fox Run Road for their yard signs opposing the MacMansion complex being constructed in the new clear-cut at the north end of Fox Run Road. The criticisms mirrored talking points previously expressed by the developer (perhaps a relative), based on the same disregard of the culture of the Fox Run Road community. For the benefit of those who may walk or drive through the neighborhood, see the signs, and wonder what the residents are thinking, I offer the following insights, in response to specific criticisms.

Letter to the Editor, May 28, 2019: What Does Memorial Day Mean to You?

By Olivia Evans and Mitch Evans.

What does Memorial Day mean to you? Your answer will probably vary, depending on your family connections to the military, your age, and your own experiences. For some, it is a time to honor those people who have given their lives serving in the military; they may visit cemeteries and lay flowers or watch parades as a way to commemorate the day. Other people may choose to spend the long weekend with family and friends perhaps enjoying a BBQ and the extra time off work and school.

But it is worth reflecting, in this special centennial year marking the ending of World War 1, why it is so important to never forget the sacrifices made by so many so that we might enjoy our lives today.

Letter to the Editor ~ May 25, 2018: Thirty-nine Years

By Maribeth Stratford Millar

Thirty-nine years. That’s how many years our three children have attended Bedford public schools. On June 7, our youngest child, Casey, will graduate from Bedford High School. It will be a bittersweet ending and, for Casey, just the beginning. We moved to Bedford in January of 1995, one month before the birth of our first child, Hailey. And, we never left. We immediately felt at home here. Neither of us is from Massachusetts. My husband, Jamie, was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. And, I was born and raised in New Jersey. Graduate school brought us to Boston, and the desire to raise a family outside of the city brought us to Bedford.

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