An Obituary: Jeffrey L. Kroll

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Jeffrey L. Kroll passed away on Sunday, February 10, 2019. Growing up in Lexington near the Bedford border on Page Road, he was embedded in a group of Bedford, and he continued to visit Bedford each day to walk the dogs in his care behind the home of a long-time family friend.

An Obituary ~ Jan Kalb (Mary Jeanne Kalb)

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Jan Kalb (Mary Jeanne Kalb) died at home on January 28, 2019, at age 92.

A social worker and a strong advocate for children, Mrs. Kalb worked with Child Protective Services and the Fernald School. She also helped to draft Massachusetts General Law CH755, landmark Special Education legislation.

An Obituary: Marian Juliano Neil

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Marian Juliano Neil, an active member of Sodality and CFM, a teacher for the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and the Couples Club at St. Michael’s Parish as well as a volunteer at Edith N. Rodgers Memorial Veterans Hospital, died at age 91 on January 25, 2019.

An Obituary: Theresa Lawrence

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Theresa Lawrence, a founding member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and a Bedford resident since the mid-1950s, passed away at age 92 on January 22, 2019.

An Obituary: H. Morse Payne

H. Morse Payne, a resident of Carleton-Willard Village, passed away on January 9. Mr. Payne was an architect who joined The Architect’s Collaborative as a principal in 1952, serving as President from 1975 to 1977. Before moving to Bedford, Mr. Payne designed his family’s home in Lexington’s Five Fields neighborhood and was a long-time Director of the Lexington Historical Society.

An Obituary: Troy Edwin Plunk

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Troy Edwin Plunk, a former resident of Bedford who worked for many years as an Electrical Engineer at Raytheon passed away on January 16, 2019.

An Obituary: Patricia Newsome Leiby

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Patricia N. Leiby, a long time resident of Bedford, passed away on January 20, 2021. She served the Town in a variety of ways over many years through the League of Women Voters, the Historical Society, the Democratic Town Committee, as well as appointments to several Town Boards.

An Obituary: Ethan C. Miller

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Ethan C. Miller passed away on January 15, 2019. A lifelong Bedford resident until moving to Boston two years ago, Ethan was a 2015 graduate of Bedford High School and Captain of the Buccaneers Ice Hockey team in 2014 and 2015.

An Obituary: Nicholas Senio

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Nicholas Senio passed away in Peabody, MA on January 14, 2019. A former resident of Bedford, Mr. Senio was employed at MITRE Corporation until his retirement in 1994.

An Obituary: John E. ‘Jack’ Boeing

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

John E. ‘Jack’ Boeing passed away at Marion, MA on January 14, 2019. A former Bedford resident, Mr. Boeing was the founder of the John E. Boeing Company, JEBCO, in Lexington.

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