Letter to the Editor: Covid-19 Reactions in Social Media, Traditional Media, and Person-to-Person

Since the first case of COVID-19 in China this past November, I have seen a flood of reactions pour out over social media, as well as every radio and TV station imaginable. There are those who have used humor to offset the perceived seriousness of the situation, and the thousands of parents who have flocked in mass numbers to every Stop & Shop, Wegmans, Market Basket, CVS, and Target in search of toilet paper, cleaning supplies and food. With news reports, stories, speculations and theories dropping hundreds of times an hour, 24 hours a day, I find it impossible to know where to begin reading and when to stop, much less what information is the most trustworthy in a situation that is only just beginning to present any concrete statistics and data.

Letter to the Editor: Quarantine: Is Staying at Home All That Bad?

As we find ourselves amidst a pandemic it can be easy to lose sight of all of the good that is happening around us.

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases and related deaths continues to increase by the hour, and the supplies that keep us safe are scarce, so it is only natural to be overwhelmed with fear.

Letter to the Editor: Thanking the Cordes Family and Bedford’s Town Leaders

Thank-you to the Cordes family for publicly acknowledging what so many of us are feeling!  The members of Mothers Out Front also thank our town’s leaders, including Sarah Stanton and all the other members of the Covid-19 Task Force.  We appreciate the balanced concern these dedicated people are showing for the safety and health of residents and for the needs of the greater community.  We also appreciate the great coverage that The Bedford Citizen is sharing with us.

Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Bedford’s Covid-19 Emergency Management Team

We are writing to thank Sarah Stanton, Town Manager, Heidi Porter, Board of Health, and the entire COVID-19 emergency management team in Bedford for the outstanding, exemplary job they have done over the past 4 weeks to keep the residents and those who work in Bedford as safe as possible.
Their dedication to our safety – whether they are health workers, managers, police, fire, facilities, or DPW – is spectacular. 

Letter to the Editor: Recent Bedford Election with National Significance

Bedford’s Town Election on March 14 turned out to have unexpected national significance. Not only was Bopha Malone the first minority candidate to win election to Bedford’s Select Board (as far as anyone seems to know) it has also been discovered that she was only the second Cambodian American woman in the entire country ever to win election to public office. This is clearly a big win for Cambodians everywhere, but especially in the eyes of young Cambodian American women.

Letter to the Editor: The Two-Week Difference ~ Update from Gazzaniga

I write to you safe and sound from my home in Bedford, having returned safely from a three-week business trip to Gazzaniga, Italy on January 31, a day on which the first two cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in a couple who had flown into the country through the same airport through which I was departing.

The Italian Prime Minister declared an emergency that day, immediately suspended all flights to and from China, and began screening everyone arriving in Italy via airplane. Within 26 days, that couple and a friend were discharged from the hospital, but by then there were 397 additional infected people, 12 of whom had died.

Thus began the exponential explosion which continues to this day in Italy.

Letter to the Editor: A Heartfelt Thanks from Bopha Malone

I’d like to take a moment to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who took part in our Town’s election. The day would not have been possible without the amazing town employees and volunteers who made the best of a difficult situation and did everything possible to keep voters safe. 

I’d also like to thank the many people who took the time to share their concerns and hopes with me and my fellow candidates, and to the many people who made it out on Saturday to do their civic duty and vote. It was wonderful to see such a high turnout and such high spirits on Saturday, in spite of everything going on.   

Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Those Who Voted in Saturday’s Town Election, from Mark Siegenthaler

I am writing to thank all those who voted in Saturday’s town election, and to express my appreciation to those who helped me and supported my campaign. 

I am pleased to have run a race based on my experience and expertise.  I think candidates should run in a way that is honest, comfortable and consistent with their values while offering realistic ideas to address our community’s needs. 

Letter to the Editor: About the Proposed Fire Station

I attended the Bedford Finance Committee meeting on [Thursday, March 5, 2020]. Unfortunately, I must report that I was disappointed in the fiscal oversight performed by the committee on this evening.
I attended this meeting to learn more about the Town’s proposal to spend over 30 million dollars on a new fire station. The proposed re-location of the station requires a hostile, eminent domain taking of a property that is contributing over $64 thousand dollars per year to our tax base. The taking and demolition of this multi-tenant building will displace, or put out of work, 50-100 members of our community. Furthermore, this proposal has been developed in secret without community input and sprung on us with little time to understand the issues and proposed solution before are asked to vote on the plan at Annual Town Meeting.

Town Election 2020 ~ Letters to the Editor ~ Week 1

Residents have responded to The Citizen’s invitation to share their thoughts on candidates in Bedford’s 2020 Town Election on Saturday, March 14.

All candidate letters are welcome, please send yours to editor@thebedfordcitizen.org.

Letter to the Editor Supporting Mark Siegenthaler

I’m writing in support of Mark Siegenthaler for Select Board.  Mark has lived in Bedford for nearly 40 years and served our town government in multiple roles for nearly 30 of those years, including serving 7 terms as a Selectman.  Mark knows Bedford town government inside and out which gives him the breadth of experience to be an effective member of the Select Board.

Professionally, Mark worked for the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development for more than 25 years as well as for the City of Newton and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.  His professional experience has given Mark a deep understanding of the relationship between state and local governments. I believe it would serve Bedford well to have someone with that knowledge and understanding on the Select Board.

Letter to the Editor Supporting Bopha Malone

I am very pleased to write an endorsement for Bopha Malone who is running for Select Board. Bopha, who met me when she was canvassing our Bedford neighborhood, asked me what I thought was important for services for senior citizens in our community which impressed me as we have been residents in this town for 44 years.

She is eager and energized to serve our entire community, bringing with her expertise in different areas including economic empowerment and training in government. Bopha Malone will be an excellent member of the Select Board.

Letter to the Editor Supporting Bopha Malone

We offer our support to Bopha Malone to be elected as a member of the Bedford Select Board on March 14, 2020  Town Elections.

She brings her strong background to this country and the Bedford Community as a 9-year-old Cambodian refugee facing and surviving a new language and culture. Subsequently moving on to graduate with a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Business Management from Lesley University.

Letter to the Editor Supporting Bopha Malone

Just a note to let you and the readers of the Bedford Citizen know that I am supporting and going to vote for Bopha Malone for Selectperson in the upcoming election. I was invited with other friends to have a sit down with Bopha several weeks ago. I had not at that point any idea about Bopha and how she might fare as a candidate. It only took a few moments of being with her and listening to her to learn that Bopha is a breath of fresh air for Bedford. I decided to support her on the spot and she has never failed to inspire me to support her commitment to and goals for Bedford.

Letter to the Editor Supporting Bopha Malone

More than anyone I know, my wife Bopha Malone is passionate about helping others and giving back to the community. Bedford would be fortunate to have her as a member of the Select Board, where she’ll turn her passion and boundless energy toward helping Bedford be the best town possible for its residents.

As you may know by now, Bopha came to the U.S. as a child as a refugee from Cambodia. Thanks to a welcoming United States and supportive organizations, she became a successful, confident, and strong woman. She believes strongly in the idea, “From those to whom much has been given, much will be expected,” and has become deeply involved in service to the community. This includes but is in no way limited to serving as a board member for women-empowering organizations like Girls Inc. of Lowell, refugee assistance organizations like CMAA and the International Institute, and educational institutions like Middlesex Community College.  It is important to her that everyone has access to the same chances to succeed as she has had. 

Letter to the Editor Supporting Bopha Malone

I am writing to support Bopha Malone in her candidacy for Bedford’s Select Board. As a teacher for more than 16 years in a neighboring town, I have seen firsthand the important role town government plays in strengthening the community and supporting families.

Letter to the Editor Supporting Bopha Malone

My husband Caley and I moved to Bedford in 2011 before we started a family, but with plans to start soon! We attended the 10-year planning exercise out of curiosity – and frankly – having some time on our hands living in the suburbs without children! We still talk about it to this day as an eye-opening experience where we came to learn about town government, meet some great people, and also witness the lack of younger adults in these forums. We were very welcome and appreciated, but a minority.

Fast forward almost 10 years and three wild boys later, we haven’t been able to find that time again to get involved in the decisions being made to continue to ensure Bedford is a thriving community for all residents. We both have demanding jobs and children and while I’m sure we’ll look back on these years fondly – they are exhausting!

Letter to the Editor Supporting Bopha Malone

My family and I have lived here in Bedford for the past 10 years. But I’ve known Bopha Malone for much longer than that, and am happy to support her for Bedford’s Select Board.
Like Bopha, I was born in Cambodia, and my family fled the instability and violence there to look for a better life in the United States.  When we arrived in the Boston area in the 1988s, we didn’t speak much English and of course, didn’t know the area at all. Bopha’s family had arrived in Massachusetts a year or two earlier, and her family helped mine settle in the area and find jobs.  They were a huge help to my family as we got our start here in the United States.    

Bedford Mothers Out Front sets Goals for 2020

Bedford Mothers Out Front has selected their 2020 goals: Transportation, Bedford Net Zero, and Food Waste. 

These goals address real problems here in Bedford and their resolution will improve our quality of life and ensure a livable climate for our children.  We are aware that meaningful action can entail financial and social costs, so, as we move toward an equitable transition away from fossil fuels, we are committed to including social and economic equity and inclusion.

Letter to the Editor: Coming Together Over Climate Change

Do you ever wonder what we really need to do to shift the tide of Climate Change? Such a big and overwhelming question has no simple answer.  We have the technology to shift to renewable energy and dramatically improve energy efficiency, but will it be enough and will it be fast enough?