Letter to the Editor: Supporting Maureen Richichi for Board of Health

We are writing in support of Maureen Richichi’s candidacy for the Bedford Board of Health in the Town Election on March 13, 2021. We believe Maureen will be an effective and valuable Board of Health member who responds to the needs and concerns of our Bedford Community. She has an open mind, a broad public health background, and is willing to listen to the residents to represent their interests. We feel she will use her expertise, experience, and balanced judgment to evaluate resident input, fact-based evidence, best practices, public health guidance, and collaborate with other Town boards to make good decisions for Bedford.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Chris Gittins for Planning Board

I am a former member of the Bedford Planning Board (13 Years) and am writing in support of Chris Gittins, a candidate for that Board in the upcoming election. I served briefly with Chris on the Bedford Conservation Commission and quickly realized that Chris brings with his commitment to the Town an acute sense of sorting through the obvious in order to focus on the underlying truth of matters before the Commission. This is a quality I believe is vital to the responsibilities of a Planning Board member and therefore I support Chris unreservedly.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Armen Zildjian for Planning Board

It is with great pride that I write this letter in support of Armen Zildjian for Planning Board member.

I’ve known Armen both personally and professionally for almost 15 years. We worked together at two different companies and I’ve also been a client of Armen’s in his current role. Armen is a doer, a mentor, a leader by example, and the epitome of doing the right thing when nobody is looking. His ethics and the quality of work are of the highest standards. 

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Margot Fleischman for Select Board

I am writing to add my voice to those speaking in support of Margot Fleishman for the Select Board. Margot has the experience to find pragmatic approaches to getting things done, and retains the passion to use that pragmatism to make Bedford a better place for us all.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Mike Pulizzi for Library Trustee

During my two terms on the Board of Library Trustees, I came to know Mike Pulizzi as a conscientious and dedicated promoter of Bedford’s Public Library.  He has knowledge of the challenges and issues facing libraries in these difficult times and has done an excellent job as a Trustee in helping to guide the Library in new and interesting directions.  He has acted as Chairperson of the Board several times and is a willing assistant to the Director and staff.  As a teacher, he is especially understanding of the importance of a public library to children and teens.   

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Armen Zildjian for Planning Board

I am writing to highly recommend Armen Zildjian for membership on the Bedford Planning Board. 

I have lived in Bedford since 1968 and have, like many other long-time residents, seen the many changes in town that have occurred over the years.  These changes have sometimes brought about new business, housing and recreational opportunities to our community.  However, far too often those very same changes also resulted in unintended consequences like classroom shortages and the traffic concerns that we all share.  That is why the management of growth and change is so important for our small town.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Catherine Van Praagh for Board of Health

I am writing this letter in support of Catherine Van Praagh, who is running for a seat on the Board of Health.
To begin with, her qualifications are superb.  She has a master’s degree in microbiology and 25 years’ experience in the field. Her work has included work in vaccine research, long-term care facilities, and teaching. She is at present managing a biological research laboratory at MIT Lincoln Labs, where she is also the Environmental Health and Safety representative.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Maureen Richichi for Board of Health

I strongly endorse Maureen Richichi as a candidate for the Board of Health.  I have known Maureen for over 20 years and worked with her back in the late nineties when I was the Selectman liaison to the Bedford Youth & Family Committee.  She is the perfect candidate to serve on our Board of Health with her 40+ years of experience as a public health nurse with a Master’s Degree in Maternal-Child Health Nursing.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Chris Gittins for Planning Board

I am supporting Chris Gittins for Planning Board at the Town Election, Saturday, March 13.

I have known Chris for many years. He has consistently served in a leadership role in the community. I have observed his effectiveness as a member of the First Parish Church, the Democratic Town Committee, and the Conservation Commission. He is a good listener and seeks input from others before making decisions.

Letter to the Editor:  Supporting Margot Fleischman for Select Board

I’m honored to support Margot Fleischman for the Town of Bedford Select Board.

When my family moved to Bedford, we didn’t know a soul here. A neighbor encouraged me to contact Margot. My then middle schooler and I met with Margot at Starbucks to talk about Bedford and ask a specific question about how to start a project in support of the Middlesex Community College Food Pantry. Margot was so knowledgeable and generous with her time. She connected us to MCC and set up an email introduction with the Bedford Police Department to help store donations. She offered creative suggestions about a random small project idea we brought to her and it was because of her that it succeeded.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Armen Zildjian for Planning Board

I have had the pleasure of knowing Armen for nearly a decade, first as a fellow parent and later as a friend.  In the time I have come to know him, I have learned that he possesses several important qualities that will serve him well as an elected representative on Bedford’s Planning Board:

Letter To The Editor: Supporting Dan Brosgol For School Committee

Six years ago I wrote a letter to The Bedford Citizen supporting Dan Brosgol in his first campaign for School Committee; Dan subsequently won that election and has served capably on the committee for two full terms. I now write again to ask you to join me in voting for him again this March.

The reasons, for those of us who know Dan, or have watched him over his time on the School Committee, are as clear today as they were back then, but are even more pronounced given his leadership of the committee since last summer.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Margot Fleischman for Select Board

Having worked closely with Margot Fleischman on the Fawn Lake Committee, we were incredibly impressed with her knowledge about all the processes of our town government, which was instrumental in smoothly guiding our quest of saving the lake.   

Her passion, intelligence, business savvy, and commitment to the task at hand, along with an upbeat and optimistic attitude made her a true delight to work with.  Combining that with the ability to present the facts yet not force an issue, allowed the committee to form its own conclusions and results.  These qualities are truly a gift to our community.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Armen Zildjian for Planning Board

We are pleased to write to you today in support of Armen Zildjian for Planning Board member.

We moved to Bedford in the fall of 2013 and a few months later, we excitedly watched our first Pole Capping Ceremony at Wilson Park. Standing along Concord Road, Armen and his family struck up a conversation with our family, and we quickly bonded over our ex-pat experiences in England.

We Want to Hear From You: The Citizen Adopts a New Policy on Reader Submissions

The Bedford Citizen’s mission statement includes a goal to be “a virtual civil meeting place for matters of importance to those who live or work in Bedford, Massachusetts.”

To better support that goal, The Citizen’s board adopted a revised submission policy on February 3, 2021. The revised policy covers

* Articles or press releases
* Calendar listings and event publicity
* Comments on articles posted in The Citizen
* Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Armen Zildjian, Planning Board

It is our honor to write to you today in support of Armen Zildjian for Planning Board member.

We’ve known Armen for well over ten years through our church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church here in Bedford. Armen has always been an active participant in all the activities associated with the St Paul’s community. He has brought his style and wisdom to bear as a member of our Men’s Group, Vestry, and Stewardship committee. Armen is pragmatic in problem-solving and works to listen to all the views, engage all the stakeholders and efficiently reach a collaborative solution at all times. Armen’s willingness to take on challenges and achieve success has been demonstrated in the workplace as well. As the Sales Manager for a local company that he has brought leadership and growth to the organization.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Margot Fleischman for Select Board

Experienced. Dedicated. Fiscally Responsible. Ally & Advocate. Change Agent.  Worthy of Your Vote.

We are writing to express our support of Margot Fleischman for re-election to a fourth term as a Bedford Select Board member, and we encourage you to join us.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Catherine Van Praagh for Board of Health

We are honored and excited to endorse Catherine Van Praagh for the Bedford Board of Health. As two West Bedford friends, we have spent much of the past year following the complicated health and wellness issues in our town. We realize the challenges facing the BOH this year and believe that Catherine Van Praagh is a great choice during this important time. We will be voting for her on March 13 and encourage you to do the same.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Fahad Alden for Library Trustee

I am writing this letter in support of Fahad Alden for Bedford Free Public Library trustee. Fahad is a Senior at Bedford High School.

Fahad is a student that stands out among his peers for his maturity, tenacity, optimism and desire to make a difference. I have known Fahad for the past four years and can speak to his maturity and tenacity. Fahad created a student-led book club at the high school and encouraged all students to join. He is a welcoming and open-minded young man, eager to hear the concerns of those around him.

Letter to the Editor: Skating at Fawn Lake

Skating at Fawn Lake brings me great joy. My wife calls it my happy place. In my life, and especially during this pandemic, I put a high value on opportunities to be outside, to be active, and to connect with family and friends safely. When the conditions are right, skating and playing hockey at Fawn Lake is so much fun because it has all of these things. 

So I felt compelled to comment regarding Chief Grune’s advice to stay off all ice and the state report indicating that no outdoor ice is safe.  I appreciate, Chief Grunes, your role and responsibility. I understand that you are interested in the safety of Bedford residents and your firefighters who could potentially get called in for dangerous rescues. 

I’d offer though that a deeper sense of safety comes not from eliminating all risk but from building an understanding of the risk involved and making sensible choices to mitigate the risk.  It also comes from the relationships and sense of community that you build from shared experience. Life comes with all sorts of risks but eliminating all of them does not make for much of a life.