Banff National Park and Canadian Rockies ~ The 29th Annual Taylor Group Hike

Submitted by Debbie Caban on behalf of the 2018 Taylor Hikers

“Beep, beep, beep!” It is the 4:30 a.m. alarm and the Taylor Group hikers are off to the races once again. Coffee brewed, sandwiches packed, hiking poles grabbed, and breakfast snacks eaten in the car as they drive to secure a highly coveted parking space at Banff’s National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Some may think this is an unusual start to a vacation day but after 29 years of hiking together, the members of this club do almost anything to enjoy another trek with each other.

This summer’s journey was the third international trip for the predominantly Bedford troupe. The lucky number of 13 hikers, nine from Bedford and four others, travelled to Canada’s original national park. They celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2014 with a trip to the Austrian Alps and two years ago they hiked in the Dolomites, also known as the Italian Alps.

Wedgewood Swims and Dives against Chelmsford

Submitted by the Wedgewood Swim Club

On Saturday, July 28th, Wedgewood Swim Club visited Chelmsford Swim & Tennis Club for its final regular season swim and dive meet. It was a strong showing for both swim and dive, resulting in a win for the dive team but a loss overall for the dual meet.

In the dive portion of the competition, Wedgwood swept first place in each of the four mixed diving events. Rylee Gilmartin placed first for 10 and under, Taelor Nichols was first for 12 and under, Isabella Seldon was first for 14 and under and Maya Driscoll was first for 17 and under. In 10 and under Sophia Demeo also placed third in the event adding to the point totals.

BSBL: Bedford Summer Basketball League Crowns Division A and Division B Champions

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Bedford’s Summer Basketball League (BSBL) season ended in hard-fought match-ups in both Division A and Division B on Thursday, August 2. The Reservoir Dogs took the Division A title in their game against the Moonshiners, and the Undrafted bested the Lannisters in the Division B final. Rick Proulx was named Player of the Year.

First Swim Meet of the Season: Wedgewood at Wayland

Submitted on behalf of the Wedgewood Swim Club

The Wayland Swim and Tennis Club hosted the Wedgewood Swim Club on Saturday, July 7th for its first dive and swim meet of the season. It was an exciting and very close meet that resulted in a big win for the dive team but a loss for the team overall.

School’s Out, and Springs Brook Park is Open ~ Summer? Summer!

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

School’s out, and Springs Brook Park was in full operation this afternoon! Friday’s mild temperatures drew a small crowd to the park, and most of them were in the water. A family brought out-of-town cousins, strollers were parked along the water’s edge, families picnicked in the grove, the spray park was in use, and kids were playing miniature golf and basketball.

BHS Baseball Beat Wilmington 3-2 in Playoffs’ First Round ~ THEN ~ Round Two, Tonight at 6 pm in Melrose

By Jeff JHO Hoyland

These were two evenly matched teams and the first six inning provided a 1-1 tie going into the final inning. It was at this point that all kinds of thought go threw your head about not being the one to blow the game for the team. And Bedford blinked first in the top of the 7th, when a bloop popup in short center ended up with Bucs colliding and the ball falling to the ground. Wilmington ended up scoring on a hard shot to right field, before Bedford calmed down and got three outs.

Then it was time for the Bedford seniors to show their mettle.

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