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Thanks to Bedford’s Recycling Coordinator Ed McGrath for organizing biannual town-wide recycling days at the DPW facility on The Great Road. There will be paper shredding, electronics recycling and other delights: https://www.thebedfordcitizen.org/2018/10/dpw-offers-paper-shredding-and-electronic-waste-recycling-at-fall-recycling-event/

Hours, from 9 am until Noon at Bedford’s DPW building, 314 The Great Road.

Be a Bedford Neighborhood Pace Car – Drive 25 mph or Less on Neighborhood Roads

Submitted by Scot Shaw on behalf of the Transporation Advisory Committee

At the Annual Town Meeting on March of 2017, a majority voted to accept Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, Section 17C. Accepting this change empowered the Selectmen to change the statutory speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph in thickly settled areas or business districts. The “statutory speed limit” is the fancy way of saying “the speed limit you should assume when there are no signs” – so it does not apply to main roads with posted speed limits, but would affect side streets (especially neighborhood roads).

School Committee Receptive to Reducing Food Waste in Schools

By Carolyn Weaver, Bedford Mothers Out Front

McAllister reports his Belmont School is already Recycling and Composting

On Oct 2, 2018, three members of Bedford Mothers Out Front spoke to the School Committee on the topic of reducing food waste in school lunchrooms. Mothers Out Front is a non-profit organization that works to make climate change an issue our leaders can no longer ignore for the sake of all children. Surprisingly, food waste is the third largest contributor to global warming, according to Paul Hawken, editor of Drawdown, a book listing 100 scientifically proven ways to reverse climate change.

Greening Your Life ~ St. Pauls’ Green Team Adult Forum at 2 pm on Sunday, October 21

Submitted by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Image (c) http://www.projecteco.ro/

Our September observance of Creation Tide was an inspiration to many, calling attention to the grandeur and simple beauty of God’s Creation.

If you are like me, you want to be more attentive to, and responsible about, creation care in your daily life. But you, like me, may often have more questions than answers about the nuts and bolts of HOW to make changes that matter.

This month, the Green Team of St. Paul’s Church will host the monthly Adult Learning Forum, by offering a series of “mini-workshops” on different ways you can “go green.”

Recycling Know-No’s Part 4: We Want Your Pizza Boxes but Not Your Pizza!

By Gene Kalb

*** Editors Note – Fall Recycling Event at DPW – This Saturday, October 20, 9 a.m. to Noon @ DPW, 314 Great Road Details **

Question #4 – Pizza Boxes – Everybody loves pizza! But what to do with the box when you’re done? At one point I heard that you shouldn’t recycle the box. But is that still true? What do I do with my used pizza box?

“We Want Your Pizza Boxes but Not Your Pizza!”

Letter to the Editor, October 14, 2018: Get Serious About Reducing Carbon Emissions

By Renu Bostwick

Although I commend the Selectmen for being supportive of the decisions of an appointed commission, the Selectmen have a greater responsibility to the people of the Town who elected them. To provide adequate oversight to all commissions, especially in times of controversy, fully understanding the facts of the commission’s decisions is essential in order to serve the people the Selectmen represent.

Recycling Know No’s ~ Part 3: Why Aren’t Cartons Accepted in Bedford’s Recycling Program Anymore?

By Gene Kalb

Question #3 – Cartons, Milk and otherwise. Milk cartons seem like they should able to be recycled. I always used to rinse them out and put them in the recycle bin. I see my neighbor does it too so it must be ok, right?

One of the changes to Bedford’s Recycling Program this summer was the elimination of cartons from the list of acceptable materials.

The term “carton” refers to the half-gallon or quart size containers with a gable top. The term also includes ice cream cartons. Most cartons contain beverages such as milk and other dairy products, orange juice, lemonade and other fruit drinks, and iced tea. Also in this category are the shelf-stable containers for products like broths and milk (regular milk, almond milk, etc.).

Hearing on Solar Panel Petition Concludes with Few Answers

By Meredith McCulloch

The Reed Meeting room in Town Hall was filled nearly to capacity on October 1 for the hearing on a proposed bylaw amendment that would permit solar panels in the Historic District. Selectman Bill Moonan recused himself from chairing the meeting after explaining that he is also a member of the Historic District Commission. Selectman Mike Rosenberg opened the meeting with a reminder to those attending that the subject of the evening was the bylaw and not renewable energy. He asked that speakers comment only on the proposed bylaw change.

Minuteman Commuter Bikeway Celebrates 25 Years

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Entering Bedford – the view from the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway – Image (c) JMcCT, 2018 all rights reserved – Click to view a larger image

Scores of cyclists traversed the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway on Saturday, September 29 to mark the historic rail trail’s 25th birthday.

The Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway set up a bicycle repair station and free ice cream donated by Bedford Farms was distributed by the Bedford Chamber of Commerce. Dave Enos and his touring bicycle ferried jazz harpist Deborah Henson-Conant (along with her electric harp and its speaker) along the Bikeway, providing music to passersby.

The day in pictures:

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