Digging in the Dirt – February 2019

By Stacy Kershaw

If you’re anything like me and chomping at the bit to get your hands dirty…these final days of winter are torture! Since it’s still too soon to head outside and start digging, what CAN you do?

Here are a few tips to keep you busy while your garden thaws:

ICYMI: Links to Six “Recycling Know-Nos” Articles

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Because recycling is so much in the news, and because the Recycling Know-Nos stories are so informative, here are links to previous columns

Accordingly, The Citizen has undertaken a new series that hopefully will answer the “whys “ and “whats” of recycling here in Bedford. Here are links to the articles posted so far:

Mothers Out Front and Revise Energy Presented $4,970 to Support Solar Panels on Bedford Schools

Submitted by Bedford Mothers Out Front and Revise Energy

At their January 22nd meeting, the Bedford School Committee accepted a donation from Revise Energy to support the installation of solar panels on the public schools. The donation from Revise Energy, specifically designated for solarizing Bedford schools, will save energy and also provide an educational opportunity for students to learn more about solar energy and how it can be harvested.

Fawn Lake Dredging Among Community Preservation Committee Projects

By Elizabeth Hacala

The Community Preservation Committee met on Thursday, January 10 to hear several projects they will vote on for this year’s Town Meeting recommendations. The largest is a request to recommend a $1.8M bond authorization from CPA funds for hydraulic dredging of Fawn Lake.

Over the past several years there have been many attempts to address the fish kills and other water quality issues at Fawn Lake, including hydro-raking and herbicides. An ad hoc Fawn Lake committee was formed in 2015 to look at the lake and determine what if any steps could be taken. Selectman Margot Fleischman said the committee had looked at over a dozen possibilities from the most extreme to doing nothing and hydraulic dredging had risen as the best suggestion. The committee presented examples of how hydraulic dredging might be performed and said that the goal of the project was to have 60 percent open water at the lake. The project is expected to restore a significant portion of the lake to its original state and gain many decades of open water and a healthier environment for fish and other wildlife.

Recycling Know-No’s ~ Part 6: Plastics!

By Gene Kalb

To steal a quote from The Graduate, “Ben, I have one word for you…. Plastics.”

One question was posed to Ed McGrath this week regarding what plastic items can be recycled and what items should go in the trash.

The inquiring resident noted that most plastic containers include a triangle with a number inside it to identify the type of plastic the container is made of but he couldn’t find any information on the Bedford DPW’s website or in the annual brochure explaining what plastics can and cannot be recycled.

First Snow of 2019: Light Accumulation Predicted for Thursday with More for Saturday into Sunday

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

After a remarkably un-snowy December, there will be snow overnight with a messy commute on Friday morning, January 18. The main event is expected to begin late Saturday evening with snow falling through Sunday.

According to a Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency warning released at 5 pm on Thursday, January 17, from 8 to 12 inches of snow, complicated by sleet and freezing rain could land in Bedford before skies clear late Sunday. MEMA notes that the storm is still 48 hours away. As such, significant changes in the forecast are possible. Going forward, MEMA will issue twice-daily Situational Awareness Statements, with the next one scheduled for 9:30 AM on Friday, January 18.

Lunar Eclipse Alert ~ Super Blood Wolf Moon on Sunday, January 21

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Sunday’s Super Blood Wolf Moon will rise over Bedford in the ENE sky at 4:53 pm next Sunday, January 20. A total lunar eclipse will begin at 10:34 pm and last for just over an hour. The excitement should be visible in Bedford if the skies are clear.

The Eclipse for Families: With the Martin Luther King, Jr. school holiday on Monday, January 21, this could be a great introduction to astronomy for your family. The JPL/NASA website shares engaging activities for students from kindergarten to high school.

Curbside Christmas Tree Collection: Tuesday To Friday, by Precinct

Submitted by Ed McGrath, Bedford’s DPW Recycling Coordinator

The Department of Public Works is bringing a new twist to the curbside collection of Christmas trees this year in hopes of reducing confusion regarding what day Republic Services will be in your neighborhood.

Curbside collection of Christmas trees will start Tuesday, January 8. Depending what voting precinct you reside in will determine what day your tree will be removed. If you don’t know which precinct you’re in, go to the town’s home page, www.bedfordma.gov, and click on the link titled GIS and Town Maps and scroll down to the link Voting Precinct Map.

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