Recycling Know No’s ~ Part One: Don’t Bag Recyclables!

Recycling is good. It helps the environment, helps the town, and makes you feel you’re doing your part. That being said, not all things are easy to recycle, no matter what you may think. Putting your Styrofoam coffee cup in the bin might feel right, but is actually detrimental and costly to us in Bedford. There are other things that fall into the category of “should” be recycled, but without understanding what happens “downstream,” your wishful thinking could end up causing more trouble. You may not have been aware that all recycled material gets sorted, and one of the most cost effective sorts happens at your bin. Understanding what happens after your recycling bucket has been collected can help make that downstream work easier. Accordingly, we are embarking on a new series that hopefully will answer the “whys “ and “whats” of recycling here in Bedford.

The Bedford Citizen has teamed up with Ed McGrath from the Bedford Department of Public Works in a new segment called “Know-Nos of recycling” to explain what happens once you put something in the recycle bin. We’ll also explain why it’s so important to only put the correct stuff in your recycle bins. If you have questions, please send them along.

Question #1 ~ We see the signs ~ DON’T BAG Recyclables

Free Flu Shots and Health Screenings on Bedford Day ~ Offered by the Board of Health and Emerson Hospital

Submitted by the Bedford Board of Health

The Bedford Board of Health is partnering with Emerson Hospital to provide free health screenings on Bedford Day, Saturday, September 22nd from 9 am until 12 pm.

Free screenings include blood tests for cholesterol, PSA and TSH thyroid; pulmonary function testing and blood pressure screening provided by Emerson Hospital. If you are planning to have a cholesterol screening, please fast 9 to 12 hours before the test. Early identification and intervention of respective health issues can greatly reduce the risk of experiencing negative health outcomes.

Blues Win 2018 Adult Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball Championship with a Walk-Off Ground Rule Double

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen, with Photographs by Jeff JHO Hoyland

Since 2016, one of the most popular summer programs offered through the Bedford Recreation Department is the Adult Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball League. At the end of a great season, the 2018 championship game was played on Sunday evening, August 26 between the Orange and the Blue teams.

The game exceeded expectations for excitement. The Blues were ahead, often by multiple runs, until sixth-inning when Orange team homers evened the score. In the end, the Blues’ walk-off ground rule double sealed the win — 22 to 21 — and the 2018 championship.

Recycling ~ 2018: Bedford’s Compost Center on Carlisle Road is a Busy Place!

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Wednesday, August 22, was a gloomy day but despite the weather, Bedford’s Recycling Coordinator Ed McGrath reported that 59 residents visited the Compost Center to dispose of grass clippings, leaves, and small branches. “Nine came during the first half hour,” McGrath added, “with another dozen between 9 and 10 am.” An average Wednesday, with decent weather, draws an average of 70 residents.

DPW Works Hard for New Play Area at Job Lane School

Submitted by the Bedford Department of Public Works

Editor’s Note: Remember to visit the new playground during your visit to Lane School on August 29!

After the existing playground at the Lane School was removed due to structural concerns, the Bedford Grounds Division has been working this summer to install a new playground and updated swing set. The original structure, built in 1999, was out of compliance with new safety regulations and DPW was unable to obtain replacement parts. The new 4,000 square foot play unit was designed by staff from the Lane School, Grounds Division, Recreation, and the PTO. The new playground was manufactured by M.E. O’Brien and installed by Forte Construction.

Route 62 Realignment Creates Better Sight Lines for Drivers and a Larger, Safer Garden Space

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Poor sight lines at the intersection of Old Billerica Road and Burlington Road/Route 62 have vexed drivers for years, now the garden on the intersection’s tiny island will benefit from the roadway’s soon-to-be-implemented redesign. The new plan offers increased safety for drivers as well as volunteers and greenery.

First Look: Recreation Department’s Fall 2018 Brochure

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

We’ll do a full look shortly, but for now, you can feast your eyes on the PDF of the new brochure and choose your favorite offerings.

Online registration for adult classes begins at 9 pm on Wednesday, August 22, and at 9 pm on Wednesday, September 5 for youth programs.

How to Safely Plan for Back to School Travel

A Commentary by Sue Baldauf and Carla Olson

Planning for back-to-school travel after the usually more leisurely two months of summer can be distressing for parents, especially as children get older, move up to different schools, and want more independence. Bedford is fortunate to provide free school bus transportation for all grades, and that is a preferred way for students of all ages to travel to school to save on gas and congestion in town and at the schools. Navigating the school bus will be of increasing benefit to them as they mature and become more self-sufficient.

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