Dockless Bike Share is Back with Lime E+

Submitted by Alyssa Sandoval, Economic Development Director

Lime has relaunched in Bedford starting this week in Bedford Center and Depot Park and is now offering electric-assist bikes. Lime bikes are available around Bedford for short-term rental (through an app-based program) to promote alternative transportation and help reduce vehicle trips and congestion.

An Interview with Bedford Police Chief Robert Bongiorno

By Lee Vorderer

Editor’s Note: Chief Robert Bongiorno came to Bedford in 2011 and was voted a new 5-year contract by the Selectmen earlier this year. With thanks to Lee Vorderer for her report on the Chief’s thoughts about his service in Bedford and his look to the future.

Chief Robert Bongiorno of the Bedford Police Department at Bedford Day in 2012 – Image (c) JMcCT, 2012 all rights reservedIt’s not surprising that Bedford’s Police Chief Robert Bongiorno is a police officer–growing up, he was surrounded by family members who were officers and it’s all he ever wanted to be.  He loves his job here in Bedford but points out that it’s a very different job from the one he dreamed of as a child.

Bongiorno describes the job then as the ‘Joe Friday’ approach from the old police show Dragnet – find the offender and make an arrest.  While that certainly still takes place, he says that perhaps 90% of current policing does not require law enforcement, at least in the traditional sense.  Rather, it reflects public health needs and a public health approach to responding to domestic issues, substance abuse, and mental health problems. 

Curbside Collection for Yard Waste ~ April 8 to 12

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Bedford’s Department of Public Works plans curbside pick-up of yard waste next week, April 8 to 12.Yard waste is prohibited from regular trash. For the curbside collection, residents should place their yard waste in paper bags or open barrels with no lids on Monday, April 8.

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