Mosquito Spraying Planned for Monday, July 15 ~ Rain Date Thursday, July 18

Submitted by the Bedford Health Department

The East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project is planning to use a truck-mounted aerosol sprayer to apply Sumithrin in Bedford on Monday, July 15, 2019. Spraying will be done between dusk and 11:30 PM.

Spraying is scheduled for areas of Bedford that are located in the vicinity of Concord Rd., Davis Rd., Carlisle Rd., North Rd., Wildwood Dr, and Pine Hill Rd.

Bedford’s Summer Paving Projects

Submitted by the Department of Public Works

The Bedford Department of Public Works has scheduled summer roadway reconstruction projects for several locations, starting in mid-July 2019 with Davis Road and the section of Great Road between Loomis Street and Bacon Road.

Different paving methods will be employed for various roads: Cold in Place, Cape Seal, and Reclamation.

West Nile Virus – Mosquito Treatment Program Begins

Submitted by the Department of Public Works

The Bedford Department of Public Works has started its annual program to treat catch basins to prevent West Nile Virus, a disease carried by the Culex (Q-lex) mosquito.  This mosquito mostly breeds in storm drains, but can also survive in any open container holding even a half-inch of water.  

Fawn Lake Update: Selectman Fleischman Speaks to the League of Women Voters of Bedford

By Meredith McCulloch

Selectman Margot Fleischman presented an update on the Fawn Lake restoration project at the League of Women Voters of Bedford Annual meeting on June 23. Fawn Lake is the largest body of water in Bedford and has been a significant area for fishing, canoeing, ice-skating, and simply enjoying nature.  Other than humans, visitors to the lake include ducks, beavers, bears, a variety of birds and yes, even fawns.

Over the years, the town has tried several times to remove water lilies and other plant growth that have begun to engulf the lake. If left untreated, eventually it would become a smelly swamp destroying habitats and fostering mosquitoes. 

The Summer Sun Isn’t Always So Sunny

Submitted by Bedford Youth and Family Services

Summer. Hot, sunny days and warm, humid nights. Vacations to destinations far and near. Sleeveless tops, shorts, and swimsuits. Barbecues, pool parties, and cookouts with family and friends. Long days dedicated to fun and relaxation.  The summer is relentlessly romanticized as a time for us all to kick back and enjoy ourselves – free of worries and cares.  But for many, those same features of the summer months that give pleasure and happiness to others are triggers for behavioral health challenges. The sheer expectations of the summer can create a standard of enjoyment, which if unmet, can make some feel inadequate, left out, or simply not “normal.”

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