You Know What They Say: Once a Buc, Always a Buc

By Brooke Shamon, Voices@Bedford High School

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh

My very last day of high school counted as my very favorite day of high school. Smiling faces, all dressed up and plenty of love. Some tearful goodbyes, but a great way to end the day with a barbeque on the basketball courts. Going into this day, I was excited, nervous, overwhelmed with love, and hope for the future. I imagined that saying goodbye to high school was going to be hard, bittersweet even, but I never expected to take a moment in the parking lot after the bell rang to dry a few tears. Bedford High School has been such a huge part of my life. It has given me some great memories and…some not so great ones, too. Friends, a family, and teachers. All of which I can’t imagine not seeing as I walk down the next hallway. In my four years at Bedford High, I changed, I challenged, and I grew. I would not be the person I am today without having been there.

Mother’s Day Walk for Peace

By Hannah O’Connor

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is important to take the time to appreciate all the mothers in our lives, and consider the impact they have had on the lives of both their own children and other youth. In its very existence as an unofficial holiday, Mother’s Day is drawn from a place of peace and gratitude.

With this in mind, the annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, created and hosted by the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, aims to highlight the issues of gun violence and homicide and their effect on mothers who have lost their children to such horrific events. In 1993, Louis D. Brown, son of Joseph and Chaplain Clementina Chéry, was shot dead in the streets of Dorchester as a direct result of gang violence. That fatal shot was fired while Brown was on his way to an event for teens against gang violence.


Brooke Shamon, Voices@Bedford High School I am one of 23 first cousins. Most are older than me and have gone through the college process years ahead of me. I would watch the magic of it all unfold, how they would miraculously receive a letter in the mail that decided...

Voices at Bedford High School: Reflections on the Death of a Fellow Student

By Ryan Doucette, Class of 2021, Voices @ Bedford High School

**If you have any feelings of loneliness, anxiety, stress, or are struggling with depression know that you are not alone. Call 1-800-273-8255 to connect with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or text HOME to 741741 to connect with the Crisis Text Line which offers free 24/7 crisis support in the United States.**

For any community, death is painful to cope with. Unfortunately, this is especially true in a community as tight-knit as Bedford.  The news of a young individual’s suicide hits our entire community hard with grief.

Uncontested Local Races ~ A Disappointment

By Ryan Doucette, Voices @ Bedford High School

In continuation of my debut to Bedford’s governmental and political landscape, I had the privilege of attending the League of Women Voters’ Candidate Forum on Sunday, March 3 at the John Glenn Middle School. The event, which also aired on Bedford TV, aimed to educate the Bedford voters about the various candidates for local office prior to the town election on Saturday, March 9.

The candidates for the majority of offices, which were uncontested, were limited to only reading short campaign statements. However, the candidates for contested seats on the Library Board of Trustees and Selectmen were questioned more thoroughly by the attendees.

The Moving Life

By Ryan Doucette, Voices @ Bedford High School

Since birth, my life has centered around moving. Every few years my belongings were packed and I embarked on a new chapter of my life. In just sixteen years I have moved seven times, attended nine different schools, lived in six different states…and made countless memories along the way.

Anyone who has moved can tell you: it is no easy task.

Humanity’s Call for Justice: We’ve Had #Enough

By Hannah O’Connor and Lily Nemirovsky
Voices @ Bedford High School

On January 13th we attended the annual Spirit of Democracy service at the First Parish Unitarian Church in Bedford. This service honors the legacy of activist minister Jack Mendelsohn, minister emeritus of First Parish. Citizens of Bedford – both members and non-members of the church – had the privilege of hearing words of encouragement and passion from senior minister John Gibbons, youth members of the church, and special guest speaker Julian Diego Lopez-Leyva.

Lopez-Leyva was the lead organizer of Boston’s March for Our Lives held last spring in the wake of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He is an experienced, dedicated and persistent advocate for social justice particularly in relation to the #Enough movement. #Enough is an offshoot of the March for Our Lives Movement and is focused on pressuring federal and state lawmakers to tighten laws on gun ownership.

Local Impact of Government Shutdown

By Ryan Doucette, Voices @ Bedford High School

As of January 12, 2019, the United States partial government shutdown became the longest shutdown in American history. As of that date, for a record 22 days government employees across multiple agencies have been furloughed or will be required to work without a regular paycheck.

The effects of the governmental shutdown may seem distant to many in the Bedford community, but there are hundreds of local people facing the shutdown’s wrath right in our own backyard. On Hanscom Air Force Base all 72 Coast Guard families (including my own) did not receive a paycheck scheduled for January 15.

Holiday Tree Lighting: Bedford’s Stars Hollow Moment

By Brooke Shamon

If I am being honest, living in a small town like Bedford was never my favorite thing growing up. Everyone knows who you are; everyone knows your business when you just want to get through the supermarket quickly and unnoticed. However, after being introduced to The Gilmore Girls (Netflix TV) of fictional Stars Hollow, Connecticut I have begun to see how lucky I am to live in this small, quirky town.

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