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Voicemail messages can be left at 781-430-8837.

Submission guidelines for articles or press releases, calendar listings and event publicity, comments on published articles, and letters to the editor are noted below.

Submission Categories

The Citizen accepts submissions in four categories:

  • Articles or press releases
  • Calendar listings and event publicity
  • Comments on articles posted in The Citizen
  • Letters to the Editor

Articles and Press Releases

Proposed articles and press releases may be emailed to

Calendar Listings and Event Publicity

General Policies for All Submissions

Views expressed in articles or press releases, calendar listings, event publicity, comments on articles posted in The Bedford Citizen, or in Letters to the Editor are the writer’s, not The Bedford Citizen’s.

Decisions about publication are solely at the discretion of the Editors and the Editorial Committee or the Opinion Committee.  The Bedford Citizen reserves the right to limit the number of Comments, Letters to the Editor, event publicity, and articles or press releases published on a single topic, or by an individual writer.

The Bedford Citizen will not publish submissions that contain personal attacks, defamation of character, or libelous/slanderous material.  The Bedford Citizen adheres to the spirit of the Bedford’s Town Meeting Guidelines for Civil Discourse. The Citizen will not publish submissions that contain errors of fact, personal attacks, defamation of character, or libelous/slanderous material.

Letters to the Editor

  • Letters to the Editor should be emailed to:
  • Writers must include their name and verifiable contact information (a working email address, street address, and telephone number) with each submission. The Citizen will publish the writer’s name, but contact information will only be used if needed for authenticity or for clarification of any issues.
  • Letters should be signed by one or two individuals, or the members of a board or committee with contact information for each signer included. Letters signed by large number of citizens will not be accepted. 
  • Letters must be no more than 400 words in length. 
  • Please do not include graphics of any sort (e.g. photos, charts, tables, or graphs). Links/URLs to graphs and images on other sites may be included. Referenced links and articles in The Citizen or other sources should include the title, date, and a link to the original article.
  • Letters to the Editor may include calls to action or requests for support, but we will not post form letters.
  • Letters will not be published with special formatting, please do not include words or sentences in bold, underlined, in all caps, multiple fonts or colored text. Please submit letters in the body of an email or as an attachment (.docx/Word formatting preferred). 
  • Submissions may be edited for grammar and clarity. An editor may verify corrections with the writer before publication.
  • Letter writers should disclose if they are currently serving on a town board or committee, or in a position of authority, and qualify if they are writing on behalf of themselves as a group representative. For clarity when using Ph.D. or ‘Dr./Doctor’ – the writer should note the individual’s field of expertise.
  • The Opinions Committee will aim to post the letter for publication within three business days of receipt. Letters may be distributed over a longer period prior to elections and Town Meeting. 
  • The Bedford Citizen Opinions team reserves the right to not publish any letter than doesn’t follow our guidelines and at our discretion. 
  • Letters express the opinion of the writer and may not represent the opinion of The
    Bedford Citizen staff or Board of Directors.

Letters and questions on letters or the letter policy also may be mailed to The Bedford Citizen, P.O. Box 212, Bedford, MA 01730, by calling 781-430-8837 or via email at

Comments on Articles and Letters Posted in The Citizen

  • Comments are reviewed before being made public and accepted at the discretion of the Bedford Citizen staff.
  • Comments may be up to 300 words.
  • Comments should follow Bedford’s Town Meeting Guidelines for Civil Discourse. The Bedford Citizen will not allow the posting of comments that contain personal attacks, defamation of character, or libelous/slanderous material. 

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