Painting Demo with Kathy DeFlice -Secor

During this real-time demo via Zoom Kathy will create an abstract work on paper with acrylic paints and mediums. She will use a wide variety of brushes, drawing materials, and palette knives. Kathy will lead viewers through her artistic process as she works spontaneously and intuitively to let the dialogue build. You can view Kathy’s work at Please RSVP by Monday, November 9, at BACS will email the Zoom link the day before the demo.

BCA Photo: Michael Milicia on “Manual Exposure – It’s Easier Than You Think”

The BCA Photo Group presents “Manual Exposure – It’s Easier Than You Think” with Michael Milicia. Note that this event will take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month rather than the usual 4th Tuesday. This session on metering and exposure begins with the basics and builds step-by-step, geared toward all skill levels. While Auto exposure will be discussed, the goal is for participants to become comfortable with shooting in Manual mode. In some situations, Manual exposure has many advantages over the automatic modes, can dramatically increase your percentage of “keepers” and may even be easier.

BCA Photo: Anne Eder on “The Photographic Object: Materiality and Craftsmanship in Photography”

The BCA Photo Group welcomes interdisciplinary artist and educator Anne Eder to speak on “The Photographic Object: Materiality and Craftsmanship in Photography.”

A working artist, Eder is on the faculty of Harvard University’s Ceramics program and the Penumbra Foundation, NYC, and has an MFA in Photography and Integrated Media from Lesley University. She has received many awards, including the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for photography three times. Her work has been shown in numerous museums, galleries and publications, and her outdoor installations may often be seen in the greater Boston area public parks and greenways ( In-person meetings of the BCA Photo Group are suspended until further notice. We’ve been holding meetings online with great success.

Pre-Auction Live Viewing of Works by David Moore

LIVE VIEWING of works by David Moore, one of Boston’s most accomplished and respected artistic talents 

This event is sponsored by the Music Committee of First Parish in Bedford. When: Saturday October 31, 2020 from 1:00-4:00 pm

Where: First Parish Bedford (Front Door Narthex), 75 The Great Road, Bedford, MA  01730

Online Art Auction:  October 31 – November 7, 2020

Boston-based artist David Moore has generously donated 17 of his paintings for auction by the First Parish in Bedford Music Committee, with the net proceeds to benefit First Parish. Moore’s works have been exhibited at esteemed galleries in Boston, New York City, and throughout the northeast. The auction features modern art compositions in an abstract form inspired by Moore’s travels to Ireland and Iceland, national affairs, and natural environments. They span nearly two decades of Moore’s artistic creation.

BCA Photo: Jodi Hilton on “Giving Voice to the Disempowered Using Photography and Storytelling”

The BCA Photo Group welcomes Jodi Hilton, speaking on “Giving Voice to the Disempowered: Using Photography and Storytelling to Empower Migrants, Minorities and Marginalized People.”

Hilton is a freelance journalist and documentary photographer who has recently returned to Boston after spending the last decade working in Southeast Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. Her work is focused on social and humanitarian issues. She is a co-founder of The Children’s Photo Workshop and team leader for Instagram @everydayeasterneurope (part of The Everyday Projects) and founder of The Balkan Press Club. She has been published in the Washington Post, New York Times, National Geographic, Der Spiegel and Le Monde, among others ( In-person meetings of the BCA Photo Group are suspended until further notice.

Performing Arts in the Bedford Schools ~ Music and Drama in the Time of Pandemic

Performing arts teachers in the Bedford schools are relying on energy, creativity, and technology to build a meaningful academic year despite debilitating virus-imposed restrictions.

And there’s another key ingredient: collegiality.

“The Performing Arts Department works really well together and enjoys collaboration. We are very supportive of one another regularly checking in and offering moral support,” said Nicole O’Toole, program director for kindergarten through high school.

BCA Photo: Member Image Sharing with Erin Carey

The BCA Photo Group presents Member Image Sharing with the theme, “Yellow.” Erin Carey, curator, artist and former New England School of Photography’s Academic Director, will provide constructive critique ( Join us to explore our members’ diverse take on the color, with suggestions and insights from a popular BCA reviewer. There is also an “Open” category for members showcasing non-topic images. In-person meetings of the BCA Photo Group are suspended until further notice. We’ve been holding meetings online with great success.

Middlesex Community College  Music in the Time of Covid

Middlesex Community College is offering live stream recordings throughout the Fall 2020 semester of MCC’s “A World of Music” concert series. The next performance of the concert series is “Lowell Threads: Mozart, Marshall, Nabors and Nakatani,” will air online at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, October 9.

Lowell Chamber Orchestra members will perform the four Flute Quartets by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with MCC faculty member Pamela Marshall, Yoko Nakatani and Brian Raphael Nabors. MCC faculty member Orlando Cela will perform on flute, Suzanne Powers on violin, Peter Sulski on viola, and Ariana Falk on cello.

Bedford Cultural Council Seeks Community Input via its Survey

The Bedford community plays an important role in the types of programming the Bedford Cultural Council (BCC) supports with our annual grants.  To that end, the BCC is asking for community input with the survey below.  Help us understand the types of programs and events that are important to you!!!

Historical Society Lecture on 9/23: National History Day Winners and Comparing the 1918 Flu to Covid-19

The first program of the Bedford Historical Society’s 2020-2021 season, on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, will be a virtual Zoom program featuring presentations on Bedford High students’ award-winning National History Day projects and a discussion about the parallels and differences between today’s coronavirus pandemic and the flu pandemic of 1918.

The September 23 program will be available entirely via Zoom, and will begin at 7 pm.  The public and society members are invited to participate either via video or audio by telephone. The links will be emailed to Historical Society members; others are invited to contact the Society office at 781-275-5276 or by email and the link will be sent to them.

Writer Lizzie Seibert Talks about “The Bro Code”

Elizabeth (Lizzie)  Seibert will present a virtual book talk at 8 pm on September 23  to introduce her first young adult novel, “The Bro Code.”

If this were an ordinary time, Lizzie would actually be speaking in person and signing books for readers at the Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA. But in today’s world, this event will take place via Crowdcast and YOU are invited to join the festivities.

Newest Bedford Free Public Library ‘StoryWalk’ is ‘We March’

Next time you’re in Bedford center, come take a walk around the library!

Our latest StoryWalk® follows Shane W. Evans’ beautiful picture book We March. It tells the story of the 1963 March on Washington where Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered this iconic ‘I Have a Dream’ speech on August 28, 1963.

It is a book that can be appreciated by readers of all ages, and we are happy to bring this StoryWalk® to you with support from the Friends of the Library.

POMS Pop-Up Music: A Summer Success!


If you were near the Town Center complex in the late morning this past Monday, you may have heard the dulcet tones of a jazz quartet. BHS junior Colin O’Toole led the group on trumpet, with music faculty Jim Felker on drums, Katrina Faulstich on keyboard, and Evan Grunwald on bass. Town staff, along with nearby neighbors and a few curious families who headed over from the Tot Lot playground, enjoyed fifteen minutes of jazz standards in the bright September sunshine. Monday’s concert was one of fifteen Pop-Up Music events in August and September coordinated by Bedford Patrons of Music Students (POMS). Five different groups comprised of fourteen student musicians performed all over Bedford, from backyards to driveways to front lawns.

Connecting Music Students and Instruments ~ Leonards Music Clobbered by Pandemic Restrictions

“Music is here to stay,” Rebecca Leonard asserted. “The learning environment is going to be different for a while.”

Leonards Music, at 128 The Great Road since 2011, rents, sells, and repairs musical instruments – everything except pianos and electric guitars. Their business has been clobbered by the restrictions of the pandemic, reflecting the shriveling landscape of performing arts.

Bedford TV’s 2020 Virtual Student Showcase

The community is cordially invited to the Bedford TV Student Showcase on Friday, September 4, at 11 am. 

The showcase will feature PSAs, animation, and other short videos created by students in Bedford TV’s afterschool, summer, intern, and online programs for students in grades 3-12.

Bedford Artists in the Time of Pandemic

Creating art is often a solitary experience, yet most artists want and need contact with other artists. The usual forums include on-site classes, art shows, critique groups, and visits to art museums.  The coronavirus at first left many local artists alone in their studios.  As the pandemic has stretched on, though, artists have reached out to one another in creative ways.

Bedford Cultural Council Looks Ahead to a New Grant Season, and Reflects on Prior Awards

The fine and performing arts are a big part of the collateral damage inflicted by the Covid-19 virus. Even museums have been compromised, with limited capacity and operations.

At the local level, the Bedford Cultural Council is moving forward with grant applications and a community survey, with an implicit hope that the threat of the pandemic will be eased sometime next calendar year.  The current grants period will open on October 1, 2020, with applications due on November 16, 2020

POMS Pop-Up Music: Treat Your Neighborhood to a Mini-Concert!

Are you missing live music this summer? Do you lament the canceled school musicals and concerts? Now you can relax while taking in the sweet sounds of student musicians—right on your own doorstep!—through a POMS Pop-Up Music event.

Bedford Patrons of Music Students (POMS) is offering brief (10–15 minute) concerts by current Bedford music students as a fundraiser, to be given at a time and place of the donor’s choosing. POMS has lined up a handful of BHS student musicians, from a trumpeter to a rock band, who are volunteering their time and talents in a safe, socially distant way throughout the month of August.

Photographing Comet NEOWISE at Halibut Point

Mark David Bailey is known around Bedford as a dad, a talented photographer, and a man with the patience and skill to balance standing stones.

Earlier this week, Bailey went to Rockport with his daughters Lila and Norah to see Comet NEOWISE, balance a rock or two, and take some pictures.

The result?

The compelling image at the head of this story is daughter Lila’s. It was the best shot of the night, showing the 40-pound rock her dad balanced in the foreground, the sea, lights on the horizon, a scattering of stars, and Comet NEOWISE in good focus.

Click to see Lila’s full-size image

The Power of Art: A Potential Liability Becomes a Peace Symbol

2017 was a tough year for trees.

One large dead one in our yard provided me with the opportunity to fulfill a long-time urge to carve something in a tree or pole.

I knew I could not do chainsaw art, nor carve animals, but I can do letters. I wanted to express the message of “PEACE”.

Bedford Arts and Craft Society Members Serve Those in Need

Bedford Arts and Crafts Society (BACS) members have been making a difference, using their artistic skills to spread cheer through community service projects. Their current effort is making get-well cards for hospital patients and thank-you cards that are included with meals donated to health care workers through Operation Feed the Soul.

The BACS effort to participate in service projects began two years ago when Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan introduced Project Linus. BACS crafters went to work and hand-crocheted blankets that were donated for children in stressful situations. BACS crafting chair Jane Franklin remembers, “It was a ‘feel-good’ activity, so I actively looked for additional ways that BACS could support our community.” The next year fleece blankets were made and donated. Crafters then assembled an array of holiday gifts (made and donated by generous members) that were donated to the Bedford Food Pantry.

Other projects followed. Some ideas came to members, and others suggested themselves from crafts that were already part of the weekly BACS crafting program held (pre-shutdown) on Wednesday afternoons, 2:00–4:00, at the COA. For example, crafters have held a card-making afternoon about once a month, and many of the cards have found a destination at Cardz for Kidz, sending positive messages to children going through trauma. The card-making effort has continued with Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards for the Bedford VA. Many hands have pitched in, but particular recognition goes to Leslie Gabriele, Teresa Kvietkauskas, and Sandi Rosenfeld for leading these initiatives.

Some months ago, Bedford COA director Alison Cservenschi asked if BACS had use for an assortment of wooden canes. Members decided to repaint and decorate the canes and give them back for seniors to use. BACS crafter Marita Hartshorn took the lead. She brought the canes home, sanding, and putting a base coat on each. Members then used Marita’s suggestions for painting them with colorful designs.

Although the Wednesday crafting sessions have been on hold since the start of the pandemic shutdown, crafters have continued their handiwork from the safety of their homes. For additional information about BACS and its art and craft programs, visit

Don’t Miss It! The Bedford Arts and Craft Society’s current juried show at the Bedford Free Public Library is available on its website – Click to see the show.