The Privates Rule: Let’s TALK About Keeping Our Kids Safe with Dr. Nora Shine

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Privates Rule by Dr. Nora Shine will change how you think about keeping kids safe from sexual abuse, and will leave you feeling informed, empowered, and eager to use the strategies outlined in her presentation. Drawing on her experience as a child psychologist, and mother of two young children, Dr Shine will present research-driven, realistic strategies that parents and educators can readily use. In this warm and engaging talk, you will learn:
• Facts about child sexual abuse that lead to effective prevention strategies. • A framework for integrating abuse prevention into good parenting and teaching practices. • How to recognize adult behaviors that should raise concern.

Info Session on Home Energy Assessments

Join BEST PTO and Bedford Mothers Out Front for a presentation about no-cost home energy assessments. You will learn about why it’s important to get one for your home, how it will benefit Bedford schools and your children, and some of what an assessment will give you.

B.E.S.T.’s First Color Run: A Best-Ever Event

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

On the first Saturday afternoon in June, Bedford Elementary Schools Together – also known as B.E.S.T. – launched one of the best events that Bedford has seen in a long time. With 650 pre-registered runners, and another hundred or so who registered just before the race began, the Color Run was a runaway success. Factor in the fun quotient (runners were sprayed with colored powder at several places around the JGMS fields; there was music and a photo booth; local restaurants supplied food; and the weather was splendid) and it was a day to remember. Congratulations to Dawn Kociubes, this year’s B.E.S.T. president, and the Color Run’s enormous crew of volunteers. Images from the day (c) JMcCT, 2016 all rights reserved – click each  to see it at full resolution

Scoops for the Bedford Schools: Vote to Choose the Newest Bedford Farms Ice Cream Flavor

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Each 5th grade classroom at Lane School developed and named an ice cream flavor that is competing for a chance to be served through the windows at Bedford Farms’ North Road location. Proceeds from the sale of the winning flavor will benefit B.E.S.T. and The Bedford Education Foundation. Which ONE flavor do you want served at Bedford Farms? “WAKE-UP CALL” – Coffee Ice Cream, Mini Marshmallows & Fudge Swirl
“MOCHA MIX-UP” – Mocha Ice Cream, Cookie Dough & Brownie Pieces
“THE LANDSLIDE” – Chocolate Ice Cream, Mint Truffles & Cookie Dough
“BY THE BEACH” – Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Swirl & Brownie Pieces
“CHOCOLATE CITY” – Chocolate Ice Cream, M & M’s & Caramel Swirl
“CHOCOLATE BLAST” – Chocolate Ice Cream, Brownie Pieces & Fudge Swirl
“GIMME SMORE CAMPER’S DELIGHT” – Vanilla Ice Cream, Fudge Swirl & Mini Marshmallows
“SUIT N’TIE” – Vanilla Ice Cream, Brownie Pieces & Fudge Swirl

Vote now for ONE winning flavor! 
There is a one vote per day per person limit, and voting ends on Wednesday, May 4th. It’s the perfect time to vote early, and vote often!

Electronics Recycling to Benefit BEST, the Davis/Lane Parent Teacher Organization

Submitted by BEST, the Davis/Lane School PTO

The Davis and Lane School’s BEST/PTO is now collecting used electronics to recycle. Our goal is to raise funds for BEST/PTO while helping preserve our environment by keeping these items out of landfills. BEST/PTO is partnering with Cartridges for Kids® (CFK), who specializes in recycling used cell phones, laser and inkjet printer ink/toner cartridges, laptops, MP3 players/iPods, PDAs, tablets, iPads, eReaders, and notebooks. The CFK program helps thousands of non-profit organizations nationwide learn the importance of recycling while fundraising. Funds raised through the CFK program will support enrichment programs at the schools, and help to purchase school equipment and supplies.