BCA Photo: Member Image Sharing with Suzanne Revy

The BCA Photo Group presents Member Image Sharing with the theme, “It’s Seen Better Days.” Suzanne Revy, photographer, editor and educator will provide constructive critique (suzannerevy.com). Suzanne is an Institute of Art and Design faculty member at New England College and Associate Editor for the online magazine, https://whatwillyouremember.com. “It’s Seen Better Days” is meant as per The Free Dictionary: Be worn out, have fallen into a state of decline, as in “This chair has seen better days”, or “The family business has seen better days”. This term was first used by Shakespeare to describe a decline of fortune (Timon of Athens, 4:2) but soon was broadened to describe aging or deterioration in both humans and objects. There is always the “Open” category for members who have non-topic images to showcase.

BCA Photo: “Digital’s Wonderful World of Color!” with Michael Milicia

The BCA Photo Group hosts “Digital’s Wonderful World of Color!” with Michael Milicia. Note that this event takes place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month rather than the usual 4th Tuesday. A conceptual understanding of color management is key to achieving consistency and making images look their best regardless of the rendering medium. This presentation will go beyond a simple cookbook approach, giving you the background needed to achieve accurate and consistent color and troubleshoot color issues. We will discuss color terminology, choice of Picture Style, Camera Profiles, RAW conversion software, White Balance, and color profiles, color models and color spaces.

BCA Photo: Elin Spring on “The Contemporary Photography Scene”

The BCA Photo Group presents Elin Spring speaking on “The Contemporary Photography Scene.” Elin is the founder and editor of the online photography review magazine, https://whatwillyouremember.com. She is a contributing writer to other online and print magazines and has provided essays for various exhibition catalogs. As an independent curator, she juries photography competitions and exhibitions. Elin regularly conducts portfolio reviews at national photography festivals, colleges and museums, highlighting newly discovered work online. In 2014, her photography writing was recognized with the Scribe FOCUS Award from the Griffin Museum of Photography.

BCA Photo: Unleashing Your Landscape Photography

The BCA Photo Group hosts “Unleash your Landscape Photography” with the professional landscape photographer, John Slonina (sphotography.com). John’s company leads instructional photo workshops and tours across North America. His work has been published in calendars, books, magazines and displayed in private collections and galleries throughout the world. This program will provide techniques for taking your landscape photos and video to the next level: strategies for depth of field and composition, contrast and bad lighting, use of special weather conditions, photographing bodies of water, recommended equipment and apps, and more. Doors open at 6:30 for socializing (Elm Street entrance).

BCA Photo: Member Image Sharing with Erin Carey

The BCA Photo Group presents member Image Sharing with the theme, “Open.” Erin Carey, curator, artist and New England School of Photography’s (NESOP) Academic Director, will provide constructive critique (erin-carey.com). “Open” is meant as per Google Dictionary: allowing access, passage or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up. “It was a warm evening and the window was open.” Synonyms: not shut, not closed, unlocked, unbolted, unlatched, off the latch, unfastened, unsecured; exposed to the air or to view; not covered. “An open fire burned in the grate.”

BCA Photo Group: My Best 5 Shots

The BCA Photo Group concludes its 2018-19 season with a BCA tradition, led by member Dennis Rainville. Members present up to 5 of their own photos, describing how each made a difference in their creative journeys this year. There will be time to socialize afterward. The meeting is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:45 pm (Elm Street entrance).

BCA Photo Group: Member Image Sharing

The BCA Photo Group concludes its 2018-19 Image Sharing with the theme “After Dark.” Photographer and member Bill Davison will provide constructive critique (http://billdavisonimages.com). The meeting is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:45 pm (Elm Street entrance). This program is supported in part through a grant from the Bedford Cultural Council, a local agency, which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

BCA Photo: Diane Bennett on “Copyright Basics for Photographers”

The Bedford Center for the Arts Photo Group Technical Series with photographer and BCA member, Diane Bennett, speaking on “Copyright Basics for Photographers.”

Digital images are easily appropriated over the Internet and through social media. Bennett will discuss the basics of copyright protection for photographs: basic tenets of fair use, reverse image searches and a range of practical steps you can take to protect your images from misuse. This talk will be followed by a member-centered discussion of image sharing websites, led by Helena Long. If you’ve attended the BCA Photo Group, you know our members’ photographic knowledge and experience is deep and varied. Learn from others and share your own insights on options for sharing images online.

BCA Photo: Focus on Sharpness with Mike Milicia

The BCA Photo Group Technical Series welcomes photographer Mike Milicia to present “Focus on Sharpness.”

Capturing fine details is often a critical element of a successful image. This presentation will explore a variety of tools and techniques to help maximize image sharpness: autofocus (AF) systems and how to take advantage of them, live view AF, mirrorless AF, back button focus, tripods and heads, long lens technique, hand-holding, micro-focus adjustment. A professional photographer since 2005 after a software engineering career, Mike is known for his two main passions, bird photography and teaching. He has been published in National Geographic, Audubon, Outdoor Photographer, Nature’s Best and National Wildlife magazines. His images have also earned high honors in the North American Photography Association’s Annual Showcase Competition and in the Audubon Magazine Photography Awards.

BCA Photo: Member Image Sharing with Don Toothaker

The BCA Photo Group will share member images on the theme, “Hats and Hairdos.” Don Toothaker, photographer and Director of Hunt’s Photo Adventures, returns to critique (http://toothakerphoto.com). This theme came from a conversation about Street Photography between friends in a coffee shop. From where they were sitting, they could only see the tops of people’s heads. It was suggested that members’ image subjects could also be wild and domestic creatures, or manufactured ones, such as store mannequins, in addition to people. Imagination and creativity were most important.