Vettes to Vets at Bedford VA Hospital


It’s time for the 16th Annual Vettes to Vets show!  Free and open to the public. Be here to wave over 600 Corvettes onto hospital grounds as they salute our Veterans.  Each Corvette brings a donation of comfort items for the inpatient Veterans.  Cookout, music, fun! Event Volunteers always welcome, call Bedford VA Voluntary Service at 781-687-3076.  We hope to see you there!  

Vettes to Vets ~ Sunday, September 29 at the Bedford VA


Native American Powwow at the Bedford VA Hospital This Weekend

The Thirty-Seventh Annual Bedford Powwow, a Native American cultural event, is being held on the grounds of the Bedford VA Hospital, at 200 Spring Rd., Bedford MA. Everyone is invited, and admission is free to this family-oriented event. It’s called a Powwow, which is a word that has come to mean ‘a gathering of the people.’

Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Bedford VA

Join us for a spectacular day celebrating 90 years of serving Veterans and the partnerships that make it possible! Bring a picnic lunch, meet the new director, hear the US Navy Band, Barbershop quartets, Minutemen and Dixie Band! And there will be horses:

See vintage “Model A” cars, and so much more! Our day will begin with a parade/walk around the campus to salute our Veterans past, present and future. See flyer for details!

Bedford Green: Veterans’ Housing, a Promise Fulfilled

By Lee Vorderer

By the middle of August, 69 Veterans (men and women) aged 55 and above, many of whom have been homeless for years, will have new homes on Springs Road, across the street from the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital (Bedford VA). The new residence, Bedford Green, is a project developed by Peabody Properties in collaboration with the Veterans Administration.  The doors opened in June, welcoming the first 40 men and women who will call Bedford home. On July 11, Elizabeth Collins, Senior Project Director of Peabody Properties, and Karen Acerra-Williams, Acting Director of the Bedford VA, held a media open house to tour the new building, and to introduce some of the men and women who now live at this new facility located across the street from the VA’s main campus. A project timeline

As part of President Obama’s national initiative in 2011 to end homelessness among Veterans, the Veterans Administration issued a Request for Proposals to develop residential units as permanent housing.  In November of that year, Bedford VA officials learned that the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital was one of 23 sites chosen nationwide to create permanent residential units for veterans. In 2013, Peabody Properties, a for-profit company that has developed and manages more that 10,000 units of affordable housing in the northeast, was awarded the contract to develop the housing.

Peabody Properties Participates in Sixth Annual VA2K Walk and Roll at Bedford VA

Submitted by Peabody Properties, Inc.

A group of Peabody Properties, Inc. employees who dubbed themselves “Team Steps for our Vets” were among the 150 walkers and wheelchair users— including community members, veterans and Veterans Affairs employees — who participated in the sixth annual VA2K Walk and Roll. The 1.2 mile walk, held at various locations across the country, raises funds and awareness for homeless veterans. This year’s Massachusetts walk was held on the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital campus in Bedford. Donations raised will support homeless veterans moving into the nearly completed Bedford Green Apartments. Managed by Peabody Properties, – a full-service real estate firm based in Braintree, Massachusetts – Bedford Green Apartments is a furnished, supportive housing community for formerly homeless and at-risk veterans, ages 55 and older.

Celebrating Women’s History Month at the Bedford VA: The Angel of Veterans: Edith Nourse Rogers

By Lee Vorderer

As part of its celebration of Women’s History Month, the Bedford Veteran’s Hospital gave the community a chance to get to know its namesake, Edith Nourse Rogers.  Dr. Patricia Fontaine, Clinical Associate Professor at UMass Lowell, shared her passion for Mrs. Rogers,  discussing her background, her many accomplishments, and the historical context in which she worked. Born in Maine in 1881 and moving to Lawrence to marry John Jacob Rogers in 1907, Edith Nourse Rogers championed causes for veterans throughout her long career.  After assuming her husband’s seat in Congress upon his death, she ran herself in 1925 and began a 35 year career promoting the needs of veterans and finding government solutions to the problems they faced.  Her attention went beyond veterans, too:  She was the first Republican to speak against Hitler on the floor of Congress;  in 1939, she co-sponsored a bill to raise the quota of Jewish families and children immigrating to the US; and she  began the first air mail service between North and South America. As “The Veteran’s Legislator”  in Congress, Congresswoman Rogers crafted and promoted the GI Bill (1944),  the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) Act (1942), supported soldiers marching on Washington to demand pay that they had been promised but did not receive, and fostered the promotion of  Camp Devens to Fort Devens, securing funding to build its world class hospital as well as contracts from the Government for many other projects. Veterans from across the Country wrote to her to seek help with problems related to the military, and she was known nationwide as someone you could talk with.

A New Geriatric Psychiatric Unit at the Bedford VA Medical Center

By Lee Vorderer

On Tuesday, February 23, the doors opened on the only geriatric psychiatry unit for aging Veterans in the New England area.   Part of the Edith Nourse Rogers Veterans Hospital here in Bedford, this 15-bed unit will respond to behavioral health and mental health needs of aging Veterans. Informed by its mission to enable Veterans to stay where they want to be – in the community with their families, the Geri-Psychiatric unit is the result of an idea generated more than 15 years ago and represents four years of Renaissance and planning by visionary leaders at the hospital including Larry Herz, MD; Maha Khodeir, MD; Peter Morin, MD and Hospital Director Christine Croteau. What was a section of the Alzheimer’s Unit at the hospital has been redesigned and transformed by engineers, carpenters, nurses and clinicians, many of whom are Veterans who work at the hospital. With the Bedford VA’s commitment to interdisciplinary services and innovation informed by its own research and clinical practice, the unit is set to become the source of new service designs and treatment for the large and challenging population of aging Veterans throughout New England.

Training Exercise Today at Bedford VA Medical Center Campus on Springs Road

Submitted by the Bedford VA Medical Center
Active Threat Training, Bedford VA 12/16

On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, the Bedford VA Police, in conjunction with the City of Bedford and City of Billerica Police Departments, will be conducting an Active Threat training exercise at the Bedford VA campus. On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, the Bedford VA Police, in conjunction with the City of Bedford and City of Billerica Police Departments, will be conducting an Active Threat training exercise at the Bedford VA campus. Primarily, all activity will be limited to non-clinical areas in building one.  The areas within the building are utilized by Human Resources and facility leadership.  Please be advised that you will likely observe a significant police presence in the area such as marked patrol vehicles and/or officers in uniform entering or exiting the building. Over the past several years, the Bedford VA police have conducted extensive training through live fire, simmunitions and simulator based environments on how to properly respond to an “Active Threat/Shooter” type incident and are well prepared to respond appropriately. However, we strive for continuous improvement and seek every opportunity to increase our knowledge and abilities.

Applications Now Underway for New VA Housing at Bedford Green

By Lee Vorderer

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the meeting room where Veterans came to learn about Bedford Green, the new 69-apartment residence on the campus of the Bedford VA. The Veterans asked questions about the apartments and their layout, the application process, eligibility, parking, pet policies, and wrap-around services. They heard directly from those who will be managing those aspects of Bedford Green. Clearly, Bedford Green offers something that Veterans want and need. Although the units won’t be available until sometime in spring 2016, the application process includes completing paperwork, income verification, and an individual interview, so it takes some time.  The goal is for men and women Veterans to begin moving in as soon as the units are ready. 

Each of the 69 units includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and open living/dining space and will be furnished and provided with linens and kitchen equipment.

Over 500 Corvettes Pay Tribute to Bedford VA’s Veterans

Submitted by Robert Cook, Public Affairs, Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital (Bedford VA)

The Oval at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital (Bedford VA) was filled to capacity with more than 575 Corvettes from across New England,  the country and Canada during the 12th annual Vettes to Vets rally. The event began with an impressive parade that stretched from Billerica to the Bedford VA, where hundreds of Corvettes parked in formation on the hospital grounds. The Dan Lawson Band provided live music as members of the Air Force Association served hot dogs and hamburgers.  Special acknowledgment and gratitude was expressed to the Gold Star Mothers in attendance at the event, which was held on Sunday, September 27th, Gold Star Mother’s Day. Veterans enjoyed casting their ballots for the “Veterans Choice” trophy which was awarded to Stan Baukus and his 1954 orange full custom Corvette. Visitors to Bedford VA had the opportunity enjoy the Corvettes and learn more about the services Bedford VA offers to our Veterans.