Bedford Garden Club Presents Hip, Hip, Hydrangeas

The Bedford Garden Club invites the public to hear a presentation about Hydrangeas given by Andi Ross, a Massachusetts Master Gardner.  She studied Landscape Design and Garden Maintenance and attended Harvard Landscape Institute.  She developed an artistic and ecological friendly garden landscape design business called “It’s Nature’s Way.” Hydrangeas are our secret weapon in New England to insure drama and romance in our gardens from spring to fall.  Andi demystifies the multitude of available cultivars into categories of sizes, colors, bloom shape, pruning and cultural conditions. She will take us on a visual journey covering the 7 species of zone hardy hydrangeas in New England.

Bedford Garden Club Presents Spiritual Gardens

The Bedford Garden Club invites the public to hear Mary Fontes, a registered nurse, a master gardener, and teacher of Reiki Therapy speak about Spiritual Gardens.  Most of us need a special place to relax, contemplate, meditate or just to be.  This space should give us peace and quiet that we may not always be able to grasp in other locations.  It can be in our home or garden, special room or elsewhere in nature. A spiritual garden is a special place for one to feel less stressed and a unique setting created by you for you!  At this meeting, Mary will explain the joys and the calming effects this type of gardening has to offer.

Bedford Garden Club Presents Creating Drinkable Art

The Bedford Garden Club invites the public to join us in creating Drinkable Art.  Sherry Hoffman will teach painting on glass.  She is an artist with talents in painting, mixed mediums, crafting, quilting, and illustration.  She is currently in the process of illustrating children’s books. It is her belief that the beauty and joy of art is in the act of creating.  Sherry looks forward to working with you as your creations come to life. If you do not wish to paint, you are still welcome to come to this meeting.  Advanced registration is required by calling Judy Watkins at 781 275-4557. For more information, visit our website

Bedford Garden Club Presents DIY Flower Arrangement

The Bedford Garden Club invites the public to a workshop to create your own live floral arrangement.  Led by Gladys Drohan, she will direct the fun and guide you through the process. Each will be given a container and all the materials to create your own bouquet and add a bright spot to your table. There is a $2.00 donation fee and advanced sign-up is required by calling Gladys Drohan at 781 275-6247 by Wednesday, Jan. 2nd. For more information, visit our website

Bedford Garden Club Presents New England Stone Walls

The Bedford Garden Club invites the public to learn the history and how to build New England Stone Walls.  In fields and on farms, along country roads, in woods and even in suburban developments – stone walls are everywhere in our famous New England landscape.  Kevin Gardner will talk about these unique New England structures.  He will address how and why New England came to acquire these walls, the way in which they and other dry stone structures were built, how their styles emerged and changed over time, and their significance to our unique landscape. Kevin has been a stone wall builder for over 40 years.  He is a writer and producer for New Hampshire Public Radio, and also an actor, director and teacher of theater.  During the program, he will build a miniature wall.

Bedford Garden Club Presents ‘The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh’

The Bedford Garden Club along with the First Parish Unitarian Church will present author, Kathryn Aalto, who has written books about the characters and landscapes of A. A. Milne’s Pooh stories as set in the Hundred Acre Woods.  She is the author of several books that attract readers who love Pooh and the unique character of this iconic English landscape.  Discover the places that inspired the stories along with the forest’s rare flora and fauna. Aalto is engaged in both garden design and landscape history, teaches English and creative writing.  She is concerned with designing natural/wild playgrounds for children and therapeutic gardens for medical institutions.  Guest are welcome to remain for a book signing after the presentation.

Installing Drip Irrigation

The Bedford Garden Club and the Bedford Recreation Department will be hosting a program by the Green City Growers on Installing Drip Irrigation system. A properly installed drip irrigation system can save as much as 80% of the water normally used in other types of irrigation systems, not to mention the time invested by any gardener in trying to keep their plants properly watered.  As we move between years of drought and excessive rain, having a drip system will insure that your garden continues to thrive. In this program, Green City Growers will talk about ways to design an effective system and discuss the various drip irrigation components available.  We’ll then work together to install a complete system in both a vegetable and perennial bed.  You’ll leave with all of the knowledge necessary to install your own drip lines. Advanced registration is required through the Bedford Recreation Department.  The fee is $60.00 and this includes a $37.00 Timer.  Space is limited.  Contact the Recreation Department at or 781 275-1392.

Bedford Garden Club Embellishments Workshop

The Bedford Garden Club invites the public to join in our garden embellishment workshop.  We will be taking clay pots, wooden spoons and rocks and transforming them into whimsical garden adornments.  No matter what your creative expertise is, you will craft something beautiful for your garden.  We will provide all tools necessary for this project.  Register in advance at  If you do not wish to make these garden decorations, you are still welcome to come to this meeting.

Bedford Garden Club Presents Edible Wild Plants and Mushrooms

The Bedford Garden Club is inviting the public to a program on Edible Wild Plants and Mushrooms.  Bedford is home to over 70 species of edible wild plants, some of which are more nutritious and flavorful than their cultivated counterparts.  Join Russ Cohen, author of “Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten”, as he covers such species as well known Daisies and Dandelions to unknown plants, like Calamus and Carrion Flower.  Cohen will present information for each species on identification tips, edible portion(s), season(s) of availability and preparation methods, along with guidelines for safe and environmentally-responsible foraging.  For more information, please call 781 275-0612 or visit our website,

Bedford Garden Club Presents Organic Pest and Disease Management

The Bedford Garden Club invites the public to their program on Organic Pest and Disease Management.  Perennial, annual and edible garden maintenance using the right tools and knowledge is essential to a large and successful harvest and lush garden vistas.  Learn the tricks of organic farming to ward off pests and disease, and methods to organically manage threats if and when they do make an unwelcome appearance in your garden.  The excellent photographs of critters and the damage they cause will have you exclaiming “Oh, so that’s what ate my xxxx.”  For information, call 781 275-0612 or visit our website

Bedford: Cover Your Plants—The End of the Growing Season Draws Near!

By Peter Collins Brown, the Bedford Citizen’s weatherman

Yes, it’s true! It appears the 2012 growing season will be history by sunrise this Saturday morning. Our first frost of the fall/winter season is waiting in the wings! Under clear skies with calm winds, Bedford could see temperatures dip as low as 27 degrees just before the sun comes up on the morning of October 13. For those of us with tender plants outside, Friday evening should be the time to bring in any that are not rooted in the ground.

Vegetable gardens are popping up all over Bedford this year.

By Julie McCay Turner

This is a great year for growing plants of all kinds, with an early spring and lots of heat if not a lot of rain. Although Bedford gardeners pay the town’s higher R3 rate for outdoor water use, there are plenty of vegetable gardens thriving around town. You can see Larry Walsh’s tomato plants from Concord Road, they’re taller than many humans and the fruit is almost ready to pick. “It’s the organic soil,” he said in explaining the vigor of his tomato plants, but he also put them in the ground early and kept them warm under row covers. It’s the second year Walsh has grown vegetables, and this year he introduced a pair of unique hives to bring bees to his garden to help pollinate his plants.