An Obituary: Jack S. Geilfuss

Jack S. Geilfuss passed away on July 22, 2020. Mr. Grilfuss graduated from Bedford High School in the Class of 1991. He received a Fellowship at Cornell University Engineering ’95 and Advanced Degree in Chemical Engineering from CalTech ’97. Nominated as a Rhodes Scholar, he was accepted to eight graduate schools.

An Obituary: Jeffrey Scott Cornelius Hoyland

Jeffrey Scott Cornelius Hoyland passed away on July 10, 2020. A resident of Bedford since 1994, Mr. Hoyland’s attitude and fortitude were indefatigable, his accomplishments were legion, and he will be dearly missed by everyone who knew him or was touched by his many endeavors. Among his many honors, Mr. Hoyland was named Bedford’s Citizen of the Year in September 2019.

An Obituary: Mary ‘Carol’ Isnor

Mary ‘Carol’ Isnor passed away on July 17, 2020. A resident of Bedford for more than 50 years, Mrs. Isnor was a stalwart fan of Bedford athletic events, especially those where here children or grandchildren were involved. She was also a member of St. Michael Parish.

An Obituary: Ardelle Williams Janes

Ardelle Williams Janes passed away on July 8, 2020. Mrs. Janes was a 15-year resident of Carleton-Willard Village, and a member of the Esther Brazier Guild of Early American Decoration (HSEAD). She created art pieces and taught painting in her home studio for many years.

An Obituary: Alfred F. ‘Fred’ McLaughlin

Alfred F. ‘Fred’ McLaughlin passed away on July 3 2020. Mr. McLaughlin grew up in Bedford and played football, hockey, and baseball before graduating from Bedford High School in 1979. He attended Norwich University and Northeastern University, worked as a carpenter in the construction industry, and never backed down from a challenge, big or small.

An Obituary: Maureen Oates

Maureen Oates passed away on July 3, 2020. Mrs. Oates was an editor, an environmentalist, and an educator. Earth Circles, a religious education curriculum she co-authored, was published by the Unitarian Universalist Association. Working in watercolor and other media, she was also an artist who helped to found and sustain The Gallery@First Parish. 

An Obituary: Vincent Joseph Magazzu

Vincent Joseph Magazzu passed away on June 24, 2020. A Concord resident and a man of deep faith, Mr. Magazzu attended daily Mass at St. Michael Parish in Bedford. His obituary states, “his  simple, humble and charitable way of life provided a strong example for his children and grandchildren.”

An Obituary: Caryl Moore Leeds

Caryl Moore Leeds passed away on June 9, 2020. Mrs. Leeds, a 1974 graduate of Bedford High School, was an executive assistant at Raytheon Corporation until her retirement in 2009.  An accomplished equestrian, she served on the board and as a group facilitator for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI, North Central Massachusetts.

An Obituary: Ida Palmeri Smith

Ida Palmeri Smith passed away on May 21, 2020, in Florida. Mrs. Smith was born in Bedford in 1922 and graduated from Lexington High School before Bedford schools went through Senior year. She worked for the Veterans Administration for 30 years and was a member of St. Michael Parish.

An Obituary: Nancy J. Hoeflich

Nancy J. Hoeflich passed away on May 28, 2020. Ms. Hoeflich was active in the Bedford Council on Aging during her years at Carleton-Willard Village, and with Mass Audubon and the Trinitarian Congregational Church when she lived in Concord. She shared her passion for science and nature in the Arlington Public Schools before her retirement.

An Obituary: Ruth H. McLaughlin

Ruth H. McLaughlin passed away on May 7, 2020. Mrs. McLaughlin was a resident of Carleton-Willard Village where she always had a beautiful smile for everyone who approached her.