A Moment in Time: College Life in the Time of Pandemic ~ Lily Nemirovsky

If you had asked me back in June what I’d be doing in August I would have dreamily envisioned myself sitting in a classroom discussing some totally geeky topic with five other students and a college professor, or grabbing a latte from the campus coffee shop before meeting up with some friends to study in the library together.  I never would have guessed I’d be sitting on a plane, heading for the other side of the country with no academic plans ahead of me for the next four months.

A Moment in Time: College Life in the Time of Pandemic ~ Hannah O’Connor

One year ago, when I was a senior in high school and going through the college selection process, I could never have fathomed the end of my high school career being completely upended by a pandemic nor the start of my college experience looking so entirely different than those of the college students I’d spoken to in the process of making my decision on where to attend. Now, a year later, I am finally on campus at Macalester College, in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I couldn’t be happier to be here. I moved in a mere three weeks ago, flying out by myself and leaning on an incredibly patient and understanding new friend from my dorm who picked up an embarrassing number of Target and Amazon packages from the college’s mailing services for me ahead of my arrival. Macalester has split the Fall and Spring semesters into a quarter-like “module system.”  For the first module, I was at home, studying and learning remotely while nannying for three incredibly sweet boys in Bedford who I’d been with since the end of senior year. I can honestly say that the time I spent at home with both families was challenging, with respect to managing school, and also immensely rewarding.

A Moment in Time: College Life in the Time of Pandemic ~ Brooke Shamon

I can always recall returning home as a freshman from Marist College in 2019 after being away for thirteen weeks. As we drove back through town, the fall leaves had left the trees and the town was preparing for the holiday season; Thanksgiving was only a day or two away. I gazed at the town I had called home for thirteen years as if for the first time.

When I got to my house and entered my bedroom it was sort of empty. My drawers had a few clothes inside that had been left behind, unworn for many years.  I had packed light for this holiday visit knowing I’d be returning to school for just two more weeks before spending the winter break back in Bedford. For a moment there I felt like a stranger in my own room, memories from every year in high school stashed inside; my class ring, a photo album from senior year, a picture from my time as a cheerleader freshman year. I was most excited to be back in my own bed! Unlike my other classmates, I had not been home all semester. Sleeping on the little twin got old at school and I was excited to snuggle up in a familiar place of comfort and warmth.

Announcing ‘A Moment in Time: College Life in the Time of the Pandemic’ ~ A New Series

A few years back The Bedford Citizen initiated a special column for student writers from Bedford High School and Shawsheen Valley Technical High School.  We invited students who wished to write their opinions or describe their experiences and perspectives to submit essays to us for publication under the banner “Student Voices @ The Bedford Citizen.” 

Since then, a dozen or more students have written diverse articles running the gamut from their charitable involvements to their views on gun control, hate speech to their thoughts on growing up in a small town.  Reader response has been positive and The Citizen is proud to continue to provide these young people a place to make their voices heard.

Impact of Covid-19 on One Charitable Organization: A Follow-up to a Previous Article on Don Bosco Orphanage in Mexico

The current outbreak of Covid-19 has launched us both nationally and globally into times that are unprecedented and many call pre-apocalyptic.  As millions of Americans take daily notice of hourly news reports and updates from around the United States, it is easy to stay within a domestic bubble.  The spread of the virus, however, is affecting everyone in ways both unforeseen and devastating far beyond our Bedford and Massachusetts communities.

In a New York Minute: Adulting 101

Please welcome back a former “Voice”, Brooke Shamon, who graduated last June with the BHS Class of 2019.  Several of her submissions last year spoke about the college application process and her mixed emotions around graduating and leaving Bedford. Brooke is now settling into her freshman year at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York and offers this reflection as she prepares for her return to Bedford for Thanksgiving break. 

An Invitation to Participate in Student Voices @ The Bedford Citizen

In 2018 The Bedford Citizen was pleased to introduce a feature column entitled Voices @ Bedford High School.  We invited interested students to submit articles on topics of their choice.

Reader feedback was very favorable and we are pleased to initiate a new year of student musings under a revised banner, Student Voices @ The Bedford Citizen.