Letter to the Editor: A Thank You from Select Board Member Margot Fleischman

It was such a pleasure to greet the voters of Bedford at the Town Election this past Saturday. Standing out all day at the polls on the second Saturday in March is one of those wonderful Bedford traditions, made all the more meaningful this year because we have seen so little of each other during the pandemic. I particularly want to congratulate all the first-time voters who came out to cast their ballots: I hope they will look back on this milestone as the beginning of a lifetime of voting and civic engagement.

Preliminary Town Election Results ~ March 13, 2021

Maureen Richichi (Board of Health), Chris Gittins (Planning Board), and Joseph Gilbert (Board of Assessors) were elected to fill vacant positions on town boards in contested races Saturday.

Re-elected in contests were Select Board member Margot Fleischman and Anita Raj of the Board of Health. Both are in line to chair their respective boards when they reorganize.

It’s Election Day ~ March 13, 2021 ~ #GO_VOTE

Bedford’s polls are open until 6 pm today.

If you requested a mail-in ballot, the dropbox in the entryway to Town Hall on Mudge Way will be emptied at 6 pm for voters who deliver their ballots in person today.

If you still have questions, look for the answers in our Election Day FAQ. Otherwise, head over to JGMS to cast your ballot. You might meet a candidate, or see a neighbor!

The Bedford Citizen will post the unofficial vote totals when they are tallied on Saturday evening and then the official result when it has been validated by the Town Clerk.

Letters to the Editor ~ Bedford’s 2021 Town Election

Acknowledging and appreciating each of the more than 40 writers who shared opinions about candidates and forums in Bedford’s 2021 election that will take place on Saturday, March 13.

Letter to the Editor: Democratic Town Committee Candidate Forum

Dear Reader:  On Sunday, March 7, 2021, the local Democrats had a forum which they invited me for a question-and-answer regarding my candidacy as a select board member. I, wanting to address all the groups in town, agreed to participate. I am a biracial, 19-year-old Republican running for the office of Select Board. I wanted to discuss some issues: (1) How the Bedford Police Department has treated me so well, ensuring that Bedford is a safe and wonderful community to raise a family; (2) How as a resident of Springs Road,  I see the fire department worked tirelessly and responded to all calls within the town and at the VA (3) The wonderful job that the DPW has done in maintaining our town and (4) The school committee, department and teachers have tcontinued to meet their obligations with hybrid learning and that I have confidence that they will transition to full classroom participation. Most importantly, I wanted to discuss that I would rely on the citizens of Bedford, listening to their concerns and expertise in making decisions especially as they were concerned the budget and the future. None of this was discussed with me. I have requested a copy of the tape so that I can make available to voters.

Editor’s Note: Click this link for an unedited video of the entire forum that was shared with The Bedford Citizen. The Select Board segment begins at 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Allison O’Connell for Board of Health

It is an honor to endorse Alison O’Connell’s candidacy for a seat on Bedford’s Board of Health. Having known Alison for over 25 years, Bedford would be hard-pressed to find someone as articulate, intelligent, and well-suited for this role. Alison’s career has been devoted to fostering communication and bringing people together to make informed, data-driven decisions. She skillfully balances the need for finding resourceful solutions with the complexities of large-scale decision-making.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Alison O’Connell for Board of Health

With a friendship spanning over two decades, I have had the honor of witnessing Alison O’Connell go from studious student, career-driven Bostonian, loving wife, exceptional mother, and now a candidate for the Board of Health. While there have been many moments I have marveled at Alison’s relentless commitment to excellence with kindness, never has that been more true than the past year during the pandemic.

Final Candidate Pages ~ Complete Information, All in One Place

Candidate links lead to compiled pages that include a full set of information: The candidate’s final statement, video PSA links, letters to the editor, and initial statement.

The candidates are listed in the ballot order determined by Bedford’s Town Clerk Bridget Rodrigue.

Editor’s Note: Letters to the Editor received after March 8 will be posted separately on Thursday, March 11.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Chris Gittins for Planning Board

My friends and neighbors, I am pleased to have this opportunity to express to you my support for Chris Gittins in the upcoming election for the Planning Board. Having known Chris for over ten years, I am confident that his career experiences as a scientist and engineer, along with his perspective as a parent with young children, will make him a valuable addition to our Planning Board.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Fahad Alden for Library Trustee

I am writing this letter to show my enthusiastic support of Fahad Alden for Library Trustee.  

I have known Fahad for the past three years and am consistently impressed by his maturity, his dedication, and his desire to help others.  As a high school senior, Fahad is wise beyond his years and willing engages on issues that might seem trivial to others his age.  His commitment to helping others and sharing his life experiences led him to write and publish a book of advice targeted toward other teenagers that offers advice on how to “level up” and overcome many of the challenges that young people face.  Having someone with Fahad’s passion and experience as a library trustee would only serve to make the institution more welcoming and accessible to all Bedford citizens.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Chris Gittins for Planning Board

I would like to voice my strong support for Chris Gittens as a candidate for the Planning Board.   Chris is a thoughtful, curious, insightful, and determined person.  He welcomes the opportunity to listen, and he truly listens.  He’s driven to understand all sides of an issue, and recognizes the need to balance the wishes and concerns of many when considering a particular issue.

There are many reasons why I will vote for Chris, including:

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Margot Fleischman for Select Board

I support re-electing Margot Fleischman as Bedford Select Person. Through her terms on the Planning Board and Select Board she has mastered the design and financial processes necessary to make long-term improvements. She has demonstrated her concern for the quality of the lives of our townfolk through basic things like creating better sidewalks around the town. She worked to attract businesses to Bedford to improve the tax base and lower our real estate taxes.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Dan Brosgol for School Committee

On March 13, I will be voting for Dan Brosgol for school committee.  I am highly invested in the Bedford Public Schools because I have been a public, middle-school science teacher for the past seventeen years and now I send my three children to school in town.  

I believe deeply and passionately in the value of public education.  I believe it takes great teachers, administrators, and the elected school board to create a school system.  

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Maureen Richichi for Board of Health

Due to the COVID19 global pandemic, casting a vote in the Board of Health is more important than ever; therefore, I will be voting for Maureen Richichi on March 13, 2021.  

I have worked with Maureen in the Lincoln Public schools for over 15 years where she served as the school Nurse.  Her professional experience makes Maureen highly qualified for this position.  Yet, I feel that her greatest contribution will come from her desire to always have open, honest, and transparent conversations about the important issues.  She values a process that is inclusive and respectful as much as the decision.  

Candidate Forum Hosted by Bedford’s Democratic Town Committee

Bedford’s Democratic Town Committee hosted a Candidate Forum on Sunday, March 7, for the contested races on the Town’s March 13 ballot: Board of Assessors, Library Trustees, Board of Health, Planning Board, and Select Board.

The unedited recording of Sunday’s Zoom meeting is available on YouTube by clicking the link in the article.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Armen Zildjian for Planning Board

I have had the pleasure of knowing Armen for 10 years as we are both parishioners at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church here in Bedford. I have seen Armen in various settings as a leader in our Vestry at St. Paul’s, an uncle to the children of an old friend and a community member.

Armen is an honest, steadfast, and genuine person who communicates in a way that cuts through the background noise and gets to the point. He has a manner of a leader that is grounded in commitment and an excellent work ethic.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Chris Gittins for Planning Board

I don’t know Chris well. We’ve only recently met. But I already feel an affinity. For one thing, we’re both introverts making his willingness to reach out to voters like me all the more remarkable. But, more importantly, our interests in the future of Bedford are aligned.

I fully endorse Chris’ priorities surrounding housing, mobility, local business, and climate resiliency which he elaborates upon here (https://www.thebedfordcitizen.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Candidate-Page-4-Planning-Board-GITTINS.pdf).

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Alison O’Connell for Board of Health

I would like to endorse Alison O’Connell for the Board of Health. Though a newcomer to Bedford, Alison is not new to matters of health.  As a scientist myself, Alison and I often discuss health policy especially during these trying times of COVID.  I find her perspective always to be thoughtful and informed by data.  Her years in consulting honed her problem-solving skills while her long experience in health care compliance and strategy have prepared her to engage, learn, and act on health policy.