What’s Bedford Thinking about UFOs in the Headlines ~ A New Snap Poll

All right, at The Bedford Citizen we pretty much keep to Bedford News.  Town Meetings, Musicals, New Businesses, etc.  

But sometimes we need to expand our horizon, look at the big picture so to speak. 

To be honest, those headlines in some of the tabloids would be fun.  Elvis spotted in Michigan!  Half-man half-dog baffles doctors!   Luigi’s plans a return to Bedford before the next solar eclipse! 

Are You In?  Are You Going to The Annual Town Meeting?

Last year 221 people showed up for the Annual Town meeting on the turf, in July.  It was hot, there was rain in the morning, and the vaccination rate last July was at zero!  All in all, 221 people coming out was pretty impressive.   

Play Ball – How Do You Feel About Watching Sports in Person?

Opening day at Fenway was Thursday Friday, April 2 with fans in attendance.  Fenway’s capacity is capped at 12 percent, or a little more than 4,500 people. More than 30,000 seats in the ballpark have been zipped, tied shut to keep people out of them and away from each other.

New Poll – Vaccine Choices?

The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine seems to be very close to being granted emergency use authorization from the FDA.  The two currently available vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are similar:

What’s Bedford Thinking About Fast-Tracked Coronavirus Vaccines

A new snap poll went up on The Citizen’s website on Monday asking readers to check in about the safety of the new fast-tracked vaccines.

Vote in the poll before 5 pm on Monday, November 16. You’ll find the poll in the right-hand column on The Citizen’s main page, or by scrolling to the bottom of your phone or tablet